StarCentral Media Group Wraps Up the Year with a Glamorous Gala at Sir Stamford in Circular Quay

Photo Credit: Dave Choo

StarCentral Media Group, in collaboration with MS Entertainment Network, Global Elite Media Group, TV6 Network, Flagcom, and APCO, concluded the year on a high note with a dazzling event at the prestigious Sir Stamford in Circular Quay. The evening was a tapestry of glamour, recognition, and celebration, highlighting the best in media, fashion, and entrepreneurial achievements.

A Night of Elegance at Sir Stamford

The setting at Sir Stamford in Circular Quay provided the perfect backdrop for StarCentral Media Group’s final event of the year. Guests were welcomed with an atmosphere of sophistication and style, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

The culinary experience was equally impressive, with a selection of amazing canapes and drinks served throughout the evening. The attention to detail in both the venue and the catering added an extra layer of luxury to the celebration.

Spotlight on Sydney’s Best Dressed and Global Elite Models

The event featured a captivating showcase of Sydney’s Best Dressed Models alongside the dazzling Global Elite Models, creating a runway spectacle that left a lasting impression on all attendees. The fusion of local and international talent underscored the event’s commitment to promoting excellence and diversity within the fashion industry.

People of The Year Awards: Recognizing Excellence

A significant highlight of the night was the presentation of the People of The Year Awards. StarCentral Media Group recognized outstanding individuals who have made remarkable contributions to their respective fields:

Media Excellence: Michael Downs, CEO of Maxim Magazine
Rising Star of the Year: Riley Aston-Kampioti, Miss Eco Australia 2023
Entrepreneur of the Year: Mark Coronel, Cubecorp
Innovative Female Entrepreneur of the Year: Sue Turner

These awards acknowledge not only individual accomplishments but also the collective impact of these leaders on their industries.

A Nostalgic Journey: Previous and Recent Cover Models

The event took a nostalgic turn as previous cover models graced the occasion. Guests had the pleasure of meeting and mingling with:

Candice Tarrant & Eisha Hobson (StarCentral Kids November 2023)
Jemima Joycelyn (Model & Mode August 2023)
Jadila Namrawi (StarCentral Kids May 2023)
Mark Coronel (Global Millionaire August 2023/StarCentral October 2023)
Genevieve Macabenta (Sassy & Co August 2023)
Taylor Kuchel (StarCentral October 2023)

Additionally, recent cover models were also in attendance:

SBD Magazine (Serena, Eisha & Syafira December 2023)
Lola Swadling (Model & Mode December 2023)
Merven Virueda (StarCentral December 2023)

This unique blend of past and present cover models served as a testament to the diverse talent and creativity featured by StarCentral Media Group throughout the year.

A Grateful Acknowledgment to Collaborators and Sponsors

A special shoutout goes to the collaborators who brought an extra layer of excitement and energy to the celebration: Maryrose Salubre of MS Entertainment Network, Sue Turner of Global Elite Media Group, Jojo Almazora Sebastian of TV6 Network, Albert Prias of Flagcom, and Charles Chan of APCO. Their collaboration played a crucial role in making the event a resounding success.

Massive gratitude extends to our sponsors and industry partners for their invaluable support: Mark Coronel of Cubecorp, Genevieve Macabenta of PW Mortgage Partners, Merven Virueda of Parramatta Community College, Nelma Capitao of Philippine Airlines, and Fresh Face Skin. Your support has been instrumental in elevating our initiatives and ensuring the success of our events.

Looking Towards the Future

As the final notes of the event echoed through the venue, StarCentral Media Group expressed gratitude to its collaborators, sponsors, and the talented individuals who contributed to making the year-end celebration a resounding success. The evening not only marked the conclusion of a remarkable year but also set the stage for an even more exciting and dynamic future in the world of media, fashion, and entertainment.

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