From GRWM to Global Impact: Meet Reave Bowman, Toronto’s High School Beauty Influencer

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Toronto-based beauty creator Reave Bowman has emerged as a noteworthy figure in the beauty community, propelled by her captivating ‘Get Ready With Me’ (GRWM) videos that focus on products. Embarking on her beauty journey in 2020, Reave’s consistent social media presence catapulted her to rapid growth within just five months, drawing the attention of brands and encouraging her to innovate her content continually.

With a passion for sharing makeup products and tips, Reave has a specific target audience in mind—beauty beginners, particularly teens dealing with acne-prone skin. Her goal is to assist them in establishing effective beauty routines. Emphasizing a straightforward mantra for newcomers, Reave stresses the importance of consistency. According to her, staying active and engaged in the beauty community can pave the way for growth and success.

Beyond her digital presence, Reave is a dedicated high school junior with a focus on business studies. Displaying leadership qualities, she serves as captain for both her school’s cheer and dance teams. Her commitment extends beyond the academic and online realms; Reave actively participates in her school’s interact club, affiliated with Rotary. She showcases her dedication to making a positive impact through weekly volunteering at food banks and senior centers and involvement in community-wide activities. Moreover, Reave collaborates on international projects with students from around the world, showcasing her global perspective and commitment to community service.

StarCentral Magazine recently caught up with Reave to delve more into her journey – here’s the inside scoop:

Can you share more about your journey in the beauty industry, especially how you got started in 2020 and the factors that led to your rapid growth within five months?

The main thing that led to my growth was posting consistently. All of 2020, I posted a video every single day, and this really helped me grow. Still, now I post at least once a week, and I am super active on other platforms.

What motivated you to focus on creating ‘Get Ready With Me’ (GRWM) videos, and how do you believe this format helps you connect with your audience differently compared to other content styles?

GRWM was a great way to film videos quickly and efficiently. Since I was getting ready for school or activities every day, I could film while I got ready, which can be super convenient when you have a busy schedule. These types of videos are fast-paced and show step-by-step what you’re doing, which I think gives a different perspective than your usual beauty videos.

Given your passion for assisting beauty beginners, particularly teens with acne-prone skin, can you tell us about your approach to providing helpful and relatable beauty tips for this specific audience?

Well, as a teen myself, a lot of these tips come from personal experience. I deal with a lot of things that other teenagers deal with, like acne-prone skin. The information I’m sharing can be super relatable to other teens, and that’s why it fits well with my specific audience.

Consistency seems to be a key element in your advice for newcomers in the beauty industry. How do you manage to stay consistent in your content creation, especially considering your responsibilities as a junior in high school and your leadership roles in cheer and dance teams?

The main thing is just trying to be extremely organized and have a positive environment around you. This year so far, I’ve still struggled with balancing all of my extracurriculars, school, and creating content. I try to surround myself with positive and motivated people. Constantly being around supportive friends and family helps me manage my time well and keep a positive attitude.

As a student focusing on business studies, how has your academic background influenced or contributed to your approach to the beauty community and content creation?

Yes, so many of the classes I have taken not only this year but also in the past years have helped me learn more about the social media space, filming, and editing. I’ve taken lots of new techniques and information from business courses and applied them to my content.

You actively participate in community service through your school’s interact club. How do you balance your commitment to volunteering and community service with your online presence and school responsibilities?

There is a lot of overlap between all of my activities and clubs. I’ll make sure to make time for everything I’m a part of and equally split my time between the activities.

As a captain of both your school’s cheer and dance teams, how do you incorporate your leadership qualities into your role, and how has this experience shaped your online and offline character?

I try to demonstrate positive qualities with all the clubs and teams I’m a part of. I listen to everyone’s ideas and motivate the team, whether that’s through team bonding or talking about more personal things. These experiences have taught me the value of time management and organization. I have learned how to work well in a group setting and how to create a positive environment.

Collaborating on international projects with students worldwide is a unique aspect of your involvement. Can you share an experience or project that significantly impacted you and how it influenced your perspective on beauty, community, or personal growth?

Well, our international project doesn’t start for a couple more months. All students around the world have come up with a concept to help different people and environments in need. Being able to volunteer in my community has given me a different perspective.

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