10 Most Fascinating Artists for the Month of May

Unlike other mainstream magazine’s such as Who, People, FHM or Maxim, StarCentral Daily is not the sort of outlet that you’d come to in search for a list of the sexiest, most desirable, or most beautiful people and celebrities in the world. StarCentral Daily is a website whose sole purpose is to promote local artists and models from all over the world. It is our aim to promote overlooked untapped, undervalued and upcoming models, talents and local artists out there that deserve to be recognised.

We now present to you our very own list of the sexiest and most fascinating models and local artists for the month of May. Our “Sexiest List” has a key focus on mostly local and upcoming models, talents and local artists so don’t expect the usual blah, blah, blah’s such as Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Miranda Kerr, Angelina Jolie, Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake or Rihanna.   Starting today we will be putting together a list every month of the sexiest men and women and the most fascinating local artists mainly within the local scene. StarCentral’s hot list is not just about physical beauty or a hot body, nor is it just about bulging biceps, washboard abs, nice cleavages, full lips, slim waists or great butts. Besides the obvious, it’s also about public persona, style, attitude, personality and charisma. The list is filled with models, singers, dance groups, fashionista’s, rappers and hip hop groups giving everyone something to look at and read about. You’ll be pleased to see some familiar hunks and beauties along with other fresh new faces.

So who’s hot for the month of May? Take a peek at the list we’ve put together, come back every month for a new list of the hottest artists and models and then come back at the end of the year to meet StarCentral Magazine’s sexiest men and women as well as the most fascinating artists!

Now here’s the list for the top 10 most fascinating artists for the month of May:

10. DJ Liche


Next time you’re on the dance floor, take a closer at the DJ.  Don’t always assume that it’ll be a guy donning those headphones!  It could very well be funky female DJ, DJ Liche (pronounced Lish).  The 31-year old half-Australian, half-American began DJing in 2000.  A pretty brave move since it was an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry at the time!  A chance conversation with a professional DJ (who was impressed with her music knowledge) gave DJ Liche the courage to finally make her dream a reality. From dancing around the house with her mom “while doing house cleaning” to playing to a 1000-strong crowd at a DJ competition at Castle Hill Tavern a few years back or playing in an upmarket bar in Houston, Texas last year – music is a huge part of DJ Liche’s life and sharing that passion with a crowd is one of the things she enjoys the most about being a DJ. Playing over the radio waves is what’s in her sights at the moment so we may get the chance to hear DJ Liche as we’re driving home from work one day!

9. Groovaholix


The Pussycat Dolls had some competition in the horizon – in the form of the lovely ladies of Groovaholix (Kana Lee, Leslie Ann Siy, Leilani Siy, Leslie Ann Oyanguren, Vanessa Wada, Kelly Vernon, Ashley Springall, Jacquline Lin, Chanelle Wang and Christina Dela Cruz)! Based out of Alhambra, California, this all female dance company started out performing at community shows such as the Cherry Blossom Festival in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles and since then has been featured in night clubs, sports events, corporate events, pageants, auto shows…the list goes on. Established in 2002, Groovaholix owes their existence to the owner of the dance studio they used to rehearse out of – Joanna Vargas.  Her ambition was to bring together “a group of dancers who would push each other to succeed and further spread their love of dance” and the group definitely lives up to that ambition.  They are constantly praised for their professionalism, versatility and their consistency in bringing enjoyment to their audience. From performing on a semi-suspended plexi-glass stage in a nightclub in San Francisco to headlining the Asian Pacific Heritage Month Celebration in Seattle, Groovaholix has definitely proven that they are a class act and they plan on staying that way.

8. City Haze


Most 19 year olds have absolutely no clue what they want to do for the rest of their lives or if they do, few have the drive or ambition to go out there and get it.  This definitely does not apply to Terrell Wilson or City Haze as he is known in New York City’s rap world.  Being dubbed a ‘Rising Rap Mogul’ in what is perhaps one of the toughest industries to break into gives one an inkling of the amount of talent this young man has.  Stunning one of his producers at a birthday party gave Terrell the confidence that he did have what it takes to be a big name in the music world.  Perhaps what is even more incredible than his being only 17 is that City Haze has only been in the underground music scene for just over a year!  It was August 2007 when City Haze first introduced his brand of Hip Hop and since then he has been featured in a list of magazines, web sites, radio interviews etc nearly a page long! Using everyday experiences (“either if it deals with the streets or just life in general”), this young artist strives to reach “all types of people”.  Infusing his music with creative and versatile ideas that one can easily relate to explains City Haze’s popularity.  Looking to the future, Terrell hopes to “branch off into the other aspects of the business” and if his talent and his drive is anything to go by, there is absolutely no doubt that he will definitely get there.

7. Legaci


When you open up these guys myspace page and listen to their music, it’s incredibly hard to believe that they’re not signed to a record label!  Their amazing vocals and harmony arrangements bring to mind 90’s greats, Boyz II Men and 98º and even current superstars, Chris Brown and Usher.   Indeed, their second album, “Sessions” include covers of hits like Keith Martin’s “Never Find Someone Like You” and Boyz II Men’s “Song For Mama”.  Their smooth, sexy, tug-on-the-heartstrings style have ensured them a cult following on the web with over 400,000 views on their myspace page and 150,000 views of their youtube videos.  Again, how can they be unsigned?! Legaci is comprised of 4 members, Del Lazaro, Jason Atencion, Chris Abad and Micah “M1” Tolentino who all reside in the Bay Area of California.  Founding members Jason Atencion and Micah Tolentino started the group in 1997.  Just before the release of the first album, “Little Black Book” in 2004, Chris Abad was added to the group for his “signature solo voice and acrobatic vocal style”.  Del Lazaro was added with the release of “Sessions” to add a “rounded bass” and an “expertise in harmony arrangement”. Future plans for Legaci including touring and possibly a 3rd album.  And knowing how integral the internet has been to their success, they also plan to “interact more with our fans via our youtube and myspace sites….we like to be able to contact our fans and thank them personally for all the support over the years…”  Since the group’s popularity shows no sign of waning, they may have a lot more fans to thank.

6. Jaymi Winters


Jaymi Winters is an artist with a soulful angelic voice that can make anyone stop in their tracks and just listen, no wonder she was voted “Soloist of the year” in the StarCentral entertainment awards 2009. She has been singing and playing the guitar and piano since her early teens and is inspired from legends such as Alicia keys and Stevie Wonder. This is a girl that lives, breathes and sleeps music and is determined to break into the industry. Her soulful classy powerful vocals never go unnoticed as well as her exuberant attitude towards her passion.

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