10 Most Fascinating Artists for the Month of May

5. Splurb


There is nothing more fascinating than watching a group of kids bust out some dance moves and deliver some high-flying flips with deadly accuracy – and that’s what Splurb does time and time again. Splurb has been in the dance competition scene for quite some time now, they recently came first at the Juniors Division in Looze Control and last April they actually had the guts to compete with the big boys at Showdown 09. Proving to the world that you are never to young to compete in an Opens dance competition, they gave it their best shot but ultimately ended up coming second to a much older dance crew. Nevertheless, having the audacity to compete on an Opens dance competition as well as coming second at the Opens competition is a great achievement in itself and can really make anyone look up and take notice.

4. Catalyst


Catalyst is an artist who lives by his name, and by blending the gritty realities of life, with a radio friendly ethic, he is causing reactions wherever he goes.  The only son of a struggling single parent mother, he was born and raised in the Bronx.  Living fast and learning young, ‘Catty’ grew up witness to the harsh realities of New York’s urban streets.  But coming from a musical family and being influenced by the explosive success of the mid ’90s East Coast rappers such as Nas and Jay-Z, Catalyst looked to the pen and mic as a route to a better life. The former battle rapper has crafted a recording that speaks to a generation without the arrogance and pretence of so much hip-hop today.  His truly authentic voice rings clear and reminds us of a time when depth and purpose equalled success. With startling clarity and wit, Catalyst’s lyrics tackle a myriad of subjects which cast aside the monotonous clichés much of contemporary hip-hop is hindered by.  In a genre where there seems to be more rappers then fans, this recording is a breath of fresh air from an artist who really does it for the love of the music alone.

3. Round Circle


Round Circle was formed by Natz Blazin originally as a hip hop crew with a few young emcees. The dissolving of the original round circle led to Natz pursuing a more professional approach in turning Round Circle into an entertainment label, rather than a rap group. They’ve made a solid stamp in the local scene and the international (with Natz making waves in overseas fans). These heavy hitters includes the raw freestyle ability of Ello C, the complex metaphors and thought provoking lyrics of Krayzi Wun, the soulful and powerful vocalist in Vee, the scratch guru and mix legend in DJ D-kutz, the perfected delivery and swagger of Natz Blazin and the heavily developed speed style of MC Tuppz.

2. Breed


Getting their first start in a talent competition run in a club gives this band the amusing memory of having to be escorted around the venue because they were underage!  That competition was way back in 1995 and winning that competition seemed to herald the wave of success that the boys found themselves on.  Originally, Breed was made up of 4 members but now it’s down to 2 – Merv Small and Darren Jarome, 29 and 28 years old respectively.  Both amazingly multitalented performers, they describe their music as a blend of “RnB and Hip Hop with a soul and rock influence”.  Deriving inspiration from such diverse artists as Silverchair, N.E.R.D., Linkin Park, Lenny Kravitz and Jay-Z, the guys own style is more reminiscent of Jodeci – incredibly appropriate since they opened up for K-Ci and JoJo when they toured a few years ago! They were also nominated for Best RnB Group at the 2007 Urban Music Awards which is definitely a great achievement and validates all that hard work and pure love they have for their music.

1. Doppelgangers


Doppelgangers made their debut performance as a dance crew at the first heat of Looze Control 2008 – and they triumphed! Quite a remarkable feat for such a newly formed dance crew. Doppelgangers are actually best known for their great timing, terrific balance, remarkable tricks and funny skits that they incorporate in their routines. They recently placed top 3 at the Australian Hip Hop Championships Sydney Preliminaries but they were crowned as Showdown 09’s ultimate dance crew last April 25. At Showdown 09, they placed the crowd into frenzy with their synchronized moves and amazing ability to use the whole stage; however, it was their flawlessly in sync robot at the end of their dance routine which finally sealed the deal. With the World Hip Hop championships in their sight, there is no doubt that this crew will be a force to be reckoned with up there.

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