Youtube Artists To Watch Out For – August ’09 Edition

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Based out of Boston MA, Ahmir is the premiere, up and coming male R&B group. “They’re Next” is the fitting title Billboard Magazine labeled this R&B foursome. Coming onto the scene a few years ago, their first single, “Welcome To My Party”, peaked at #82 on the Billboard Hot R&B / Hip Hop Songs chart and became the #19 Top Selling R&B Hip Hop Single. Ahmir has even been featured in VIBE magazine as an artist to watch out for and has stormed the global market as well, by headlining tours through 12 cities in Europe. Further solidifying their growing popularity, Ahmir is the #1 MOST POPULAR R&B GROUP on YouTube, garnering millions of video views through their unique covers and remixes.

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Alki Stevens


Hailing from Melbourne, Victoria in down under Australia, 22 year old Alki Stevens is reminiscent of a young Eric Bana from his golden days as comedy genius in the formerly hit sketch show, Fast Forward. “The Clown Prince” as he is also called, has a number of videos under his belt that have attracted the attention of many a Youtube user who has a liking for hilarious antics and diverse characters all rolled into the one video. Alki is steadily trying to build a career in comedy and it won’t be long til you see this lad popping up in a TV show in the near future.

» Visit Alki Stevens’ Youtube profile

Joseph Vincent


L.A. native singer-songwriter, Joseph Vincent, has been playing the underground music scene for about 5 years now. Picking up his first guitar when he was 15, he began covering tunes from one of his main musical influences, Jack Johnson, which set off his passion for creating his own music. Joseph is currently streaming the internet through websites like Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in order to personally reach his supporters and spread the love through his music.

» Visit Joseph Vincent’s Youtube profile

Sarah & The King Bees


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Sarah & The King Bees is fronted by fresh faced singer, Sarah Paletu’a – who is of Tongan and Australian descent and is accompanied on guitar by her German identical twin friends – Max & Reuben Wakefield. A fourth, Bill Barba, completes The King Bees, however has yet to make an appearance on one of the group’s videos that are rapidly gaining popularity and a few honours on Youtube. The foursome all met at their senior high school common room in April of 2008 and has since released a number of videos and performed gigs around their hometown. Covers were initially their forte, but the group has now widened their repertoire by producing a number of originals, which are a mix between pop, country, a bit of roots and many other fruits on the tree.

» Visit Sarah & The King Bees’ Youtube profile

Tim Whybrow


Tim Whybrow first started posting videos of himself signing songs around October of 2008 and since then, has posted over 40 videos between two Youtube accounts (, Recently, Tim has been posting blog videos and “5 ways to annoy people” videos that have rapidly grown in popularity and racked up a significant number of views that are increasing every day. Tim is 16 and lives in really down under Tasmania, Australia. In the near future, Tim dreams of becoming part of the Youtube partnership program, which would create more exposure for his videos and opportunities for establishing a comedy career.

» Visit Tim Whybrow’s Youtube profile

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  1. wow i cant believe only a few have been chosen for this site..there are so many youtube artists out there..just saying..some of them are really good…

  2. The voting pattern never showed steady everyday voting. Any time anybody got near a sudden flood of votes, then nothing for days.

  3. my aol group voted for Joseph everyday since this started. don’t take it away from him you moron.

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