Youtube Artist Of The Month: Joseph Vincent

After completely dominating the voting poll, hoorahjencar aka Joseph Vincent, has emerged as StarCentral Magazine’s “Youtube Artist Of The Month” for August! Let’s get to know the lad who makes all the ladies swoon with his smooth, acoustic voice and looks that make you log on Youtube everyday just to watch him and sigh, as he belts out another original or cover song. Hey, I don’t do that…or do I?

Watch Joseph Vincent in action

Full Name: Joseph Vincent Encarnacion

Age: Just turned 20

Nickname: JV, Joe, Joey V (Stage/Performer Name: Joseph Vincent)

Hometown: San Fernando Valley

Relationship status: Single (cue the sounds of screaming ladies here)

Fave Color: Blue, Green Earth Tone Colors

Fave Movie: Up

Fave Song: I’m Yours, still just as good as the first time I heard it

Fave Show: Family Guy


Reason you got into singing/music?

I’ve always loved singing ever since I was little (doing school talent shows and what not), but I picked up a guitar when I was a sophomore in high school (15 years old) which changed my whole outlook on music, seeing different aspects of the craft and inducing my passion for it (and it doesn’t hurt to have that talent to sing for the ladies lol)

Your musical influences?

Top two would be Jack Johnson for his simplicity and rawness with his music. Jason Mraz for his intense creativity, improvisation, and charisma when performing live.

If you had to collaborate with another artist or group dead or alive who would you want to collaborate with?

ALIVE: would love to collab with Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz. DEAD: The one and only legend, Bob Marley.


Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Five years from now I see myself done with school with a college degree, and travelling the world while trying to pursue a career in music, hopefully already working within the industry.

Fave original composition and why it’s your fave?

My favorite composition is my song “Take a Break” because it’s the first song that I wrote that contains motivational meaning that many of my listeners can relate to and can use to brighten up their day, plus it has a catchy tune to it as well. 🙂

Story behind your fave composition?

It’s essentially about the special women in my life, like my mom and my good friends, that work so hard with persistence and go through stressful times in their lives and how they should take a break, relax, take some time off for themselves and to stay positive and optimistic.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing music? Is it from past experiences, song you were listening to, etc.

I draw my inspirations from my life experiences (both past and present), spontaneous encounters, and random impulses (whatever triggers the flow of creative juices that may be a potential topic for my next song).


Where do you normally write your songs? Is there a particular place you only write songs, e.g. in my room, when I’m with my friends and we jam?

I do actually write a majority of my songs when I’m in my room, I don’t know why, but I tap into this zone where writer’s block ceases to occur and creativity is endless. But I also have had experiences in writing with other musicians, which is pretty effective as well since it works as a combined effort that stimulates musical creativity.

Fast Five – answer these questions straight away. First thing that pops in your head.

Brunettes or Blondes? Prefer brunettes, but I don’t discriminate
Boxers, Briefs or commando? Boxer-Briefs
Sex on the first date? No, I’d like to get to know the girl pretty well first
Innie or Outie? Innie
Who would you switch teams for? Not that I ever would, but for the sake of the question, I guess Gerard Butler cause he manages to kicks ass in 300 while being all sensitive in P.S I Love You, got to admire that lol.


Finally, your message to our readers.

I am thankful and humble to have had this honor and opportunity. Music is my passion and I am lucky to have received this gift, which I intend to share with everyone throughout the world. I live by the belief that everything and anything can be obtained through persistence and that luck is only a constellation from hard work and perseverance. I’d like to thank my family, friends and all my supporters because without them, I wouldn’t have been able to get this and be where I am today. God Bless.

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  1. WA!!! Idol! REALLY Looks my brother Lo! AMF! same good singer wah! Hope 2 see u both! u might look a twin ^_^

  2. the profile on his youtube channel say his filipino
    he could follow charice’s foot step
    it’s awesome to watch talented singers really sing live because it seems everybody else just techno record them voices

  3. what can i say??
    you deserve the best..
    for the best are yours..amazing voice..nice choice of music..good looks..
    great attitude..!!

  4. I bookmarked Joseph’s youtube page lol. I became a fan after listening to his goodbye my lover cover and when I read that one of his influences was Justin Nozuka! 🙂

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