Top 5 Female Artists of the Month – September ‘09 Edition

Top 5 female artists of the month is a top-list of the sexiest up and coming as well as established men from all over the world.

5. Jessie


Jessie considers herself to be very lucky because she was surrounded by a very musically inclined family which helped nurture her talent in singing and musicianship. She describes her music as adult contemporary with a hint of urban ballad but then if you listen to her songs you will sense that her music has some traces of Soul, Blues, Jazz and Pop. She is a self managed indie artist who writes, produces, records and funds her own music so you can tell for yourself that she is very passionate with her field and that she’s willing to go at any lengths to make sure her name is out there. One of her greatest accomplishments includes getting the chance to tour LA and taking the award for Best Adult contemporary artist. She was also nominated for Best Female Vocals at the 2008 at the Hollywood Music Awards. Her number one inspiration is her mum and her songs usually radiate positive energy and convey the exact emotions she felt when she first wrote the song. She is a committed and gifted artist who is aiming to expand in the music industry both locally and internationally.

4. Emma


Emma is an avid singer who hails from Brisbane, Australia. She used to prefer other artist to sing her material, but it wasn’t until a trip to New York back in 2006 that pushed her to sing her own songs. A friend suggested she sing solo back then and ever since then she has been singing her material at all her gigs.  Her music is a combination of many styles ranging from her own personal taste of music being Soul, Jazz, Pop and Classical. Her most memorable accomplishments so far include producing a debut EP and gaining much inspiration through the people she’s met and through the venues she’s played at. Emma is a very hands on artist and a very dedicated and talented singer.

3. Janina


Janina is a standout artist from Germany who has always been keen on music throughout her whole life. By the early age of 8 years old she was already taking classical guitar lessons and then later on she got into singing and playing the piano as well. Her music style is a mixture of Folk, Pop, Rock and Acoustic elements that’s very mellow and chilling which makes people just want to sit back, relax and unwind. Some of her inspirations include artists such as Sarah McLachlan, The Dixie Chicks and Tracy Chapman. Her lyrics are also very personal and can give audience an insight into her life.

2. Katt


Katt had always felt that she has had a connection with music her whole life but it wasn’t until 5 years ago that she began to express herself more creatively to her music to give her more focus towards her repertoire. Katt actually first started performing at the early age of 18 years old where she travelled and busked all throughout Europe and the US. Her style of music is quite eclectic and diverse and can best be described as gutsy, with earthy roots, and rock infused with sultry jazzy blues and undertones of reggae & soul. Some of her inspirations are The great Jazz mamas, the women with Soul that sang the Blues; Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, The great poets, storytellers & prophets; Leonard Cohen, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Micheal Franti, The Devine; Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley. She is hoping that her music can be interpreted as an eloquently written articulate set of lyrics that can empower people and truthfully connect with everyone. Currently she is planning to launch a CD and a new band and hopefully tour and promote herself afterwards.

1. DVS


DVS is an Australian born 23yr old half Italian – half Hungarian female Pop/R&B singer who commands attention every time she performs not just by her dazzling good looks, but also by her amazing talent.

Her extraordinary singing talent was discovered at a very young age as she was encouraged by her family and friends to pursue a singing career. Her first gig was at the tender age of 14 at a nightclub where her mother and uncle even came to chaperone her and also show their support.

Her style of music cannot ultimately be defined into one category and she doesn’t want to categorize herself to one genre either. Her favourite styles of music are R&B and Hip Hop which is reflected in her own songs but she also likes to experiment by putting pop, rock and house in her music as well. DVS has managed to successfully perform in front of audiences overseas and has already worked with an array of other talented artists from all over the world. She exclaims that music is her air – meaning that her one true passion and essence in life is to sing, perform and be surrounded by music forever.

She is hoping that her music serves as an inspirational vehicle and that her audiences are able to discover themselves through her lyrics. Currently she is finishing her debut album which should be completed by early next year then afterwards she will be traveling overseas to tour and promote it.


1. How long have you been singing for and how did you get started?

I’ve been singing ever since I could first talk. My first gig was at an over-age nightclub stage
Back then when I was 14 years old. I was chaperoned by my mother and my uncle, whom at the time were also my producers.

2. Describe the style of your music.

I don’t like to categorize my style actually, I believe I am quite a diverse artist, but in saying
that I can say that my favourite styles would be R’n’B and Hip Hop. I like to experiment within these genres but I also like experimenting with Pop, Rock and House as well.

3. What are some of the greatest accomplishments with your career?

I’ve actually performed on many stages and in many countries. I’ve also worked with so many different artists worldwide. It’s really hard to pinpoint one specific moment as my greatest accomplishment, but I would say that with every performance I become more professional, with each time I work with a new producer or artist I become more experienced and with each studio session I attend I become more efficient. I would say that every day is a greater accomplishment than the day before.

4. What is your inspiration in music?

Music is my air. I wouldn’t be able to live another day without music. If I were to lose music I wouldn’t survive a day. It’s hard to describe what my inspiration in music is, all I can really say is that it makes me who I am and inspires me to live my life the way I do. Music is my life.

5. How do you want your audience to perceive your music, what is your message to your fans?

I want my audience to take what they can from my music. I want them to be able relate to my music by finding themselves through my words. There is nothing better than finding the perfect song to help you through a hard time in your life or to party with.

6. What are your future goals in and out of the music industry?

I am currently finishing my debut album, which should be completed by early next year. Afterwards I’m planning to then travel overseas to tour and promote the album.

  1. Every time u leave that stage i dont wana say good bye,
    i cant sleep at night…
    You are so amazing! beta than ice cream!
    Touchdown!! you got me so excited, lets get this party started
    I cant believe that its taken this long just to hear you,
    im down fo u gurl


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