Top 5 Sexiest Men of the Month – October ‘09 Edition

5. Rupert Gomez


Rupert initially got into the modelling scene because back then whenever he was out with a few friends he usually gets encouraged to pursue a career in modelling. He is relatively new in the modelling scene so he has only done some basic shots and basic catwalk experience and he is currently in the process of obtaining more gigs. Currently He has offers from some companies in regards to modelling for them but then he’s really just in the process of choosing the right company to model for. He is a passionate and friendly individual who’s prepared to travel if that’s where his modelling career would lead him. Later on he is hoping to grace the cover of well known magazines such as Men’s Health.

4. Ben O’Connor


Ben is a 21 year old model who lives in the sunny Gold Coast. He was actually born in Newcastle though where most his family still resides. Besides modelling he also works as a Carpenter full time and he spends most of his spare time playing Rugby and coaching his under 9 side. He also works in bars and does a fair bit of promo work so he’s a pretty busy individual. His goal in life is to work hard now so that he can retire young later. Ben also loves holidays that’s why he tries to travel overseas at least once a year. Later on he’s hoping to join the fire brigade.

3. Victor


Victor is a care free individual who is also the type to try anything and everything – that’s why he gets himself into completely random situations without really thinking about the consequences or without any preparations. Victor is new to the modelling scene and was initially discovered when he was getting his haircut done. A lady approached him and suggested that he join this Sydney modelling competition called Model Quest – he ended up joining and that was his first taste of the modelling world. Victor is also a firm supporter of the charity organization called “Gawad Kalinga” and he’s currently in the process of becoming a professional chartered accountant.

2. Justin Kuhn


Justin maybe new in the field of modelling but don’t underestimate this man because he has a face that can melt hearts wherever he goes and a sexy physique to go with it. He loves travelling and is very motivated when it comes to modelling and running a business. He’s a sexy entrepreneur who’s also into acting and who enjoys modelling because he likes being creative in front of the camera and evoking emotion from people who gets to see his photos. He first ventured into the field of modelling when he did a photo shoot with his friend Michelle and ever since then he’s had a number of modelling gigs. He’s hoping to continue modelling as well as work on building a promising acting career.

1. Kyle Mottley


Kyle is a 21 yr old marketing/advertising college graduate. The sexiest man for the month of October is actually an easy-going fellow who loves to laugh and is always looking forward to either hanging out with his family and friends or meeting new people.

He also enjoys late night phone conversations with friends or possibly a lover, playing guitar hero, drawing, and playing sports such as football or volleyball.

If you’re wondering how Kyle got into the field of modelling, well, he was actually prompted by his family and friends to pursue a career in modelling. Besides his family and friends, whenever he’s out and about with some friends complete strangers also just come up to him and tell him that he looks like male supermodels Tyson Beckford or Tyress Gibson. One day he finally gave in to everyone’s wishes and he’s been modelling ever since.

Kyle simply loves the travelling aspect of the modelling field; he also loves the fact that leading a modelling life can be so spontaneous. According to Kyle “you can book a job last minute and they need you in New York Tomorrow! I love living a spontaneous life because I’m a spontaneous guy.”

His first modelling experience consists of modelling for a professional Toronto based photographer called Tobin Grimshaw. Later on he’s hoping to get a chance to grace the cover of top magazines as well as book huge campaigns with respected designers in the fashion industry. Either that or Kyle wants to end up in an advertising agency where he can create ideas and market them.


1. What do you enjoy most about modelling?

What I enjoy most about modelling is the travelling aspect behind it because the industry can be so spontaneous. I love travelling and seeing different parts of the world as well as learning about other people’s cultures. The fashion industry can be very spontaneous, you can book a job last minute and suddenly they need you in New York Tomorrow! I love living a spontaneous life because I’m a spontaneous guy.

2. Can you give us a brief description of yourself and how you were discovered?

My Name Is Kyle Mottley, I was born on October 17 1987, I’m 21 yr old and my zodiac sign is Libra. I went to college for a marketing/advertising course. I am an easy-going guy who loves to laugh and who is always up for meeting new people or meeting up with friends and family. In my spare time I enjoy late night phone conversations with good friends or a lover, I like playing guitar hero, drawing, and playing sports such as football or volleyball.

I guess I can say that my family and friends discovered me because they would always encourage me to model because apparently I look like one. Also, strangers would come up to men whenever I’m out with friends either in the club, movies, mall or just a walk downtown Toronto. I’ve had perfect strangers come up to me and tell me that I resemble male supermodels such as Tyson Beckford or Tyress Gibson. So I then thought to myself, why not just pursue Modelling”, and so I did & it’s been fun so far.

3. When did you first model and where?

I first modelled for a professional Toronto based photographer called Tobin Grimshaw, He saw some pictures of me on & asked me if he could photograph me for his portfolio. I agreed and that became my first ever modelling experience.

4. Do you have a specific inspiration to keep modelling?

My Inspiration would have to be aspiring for the goal in becoming a model for a D&G Campaign or do a catwalk for Canadian Designers. I’m also aspiring to be on the cover of GQ!

5. What was your most memorable gig?

I basically just got started modelling and I’ve also really taken my modelling career seriously just mid this year. I haven’t had that much gigs as of yet, although I have been chosen to be a part in an upcoming runway show this coming Oct 23rd, during fashion week.

6. What achievement are you most proud off?

I am most proud of getting through school, and living my life the way I want it to be!

7. What are your future plans for your career? (Inside the entertainment industry or out of it).

I would like to pursue my modelling career as far as I possibly can, which means that I’m aiming to be the cover of a top magazine or book huge campaigns, with respected designers within the fashion industry. Besides modelling I would also want to be hired by an advertising firm wherein I can create ideas and find ways to market them.

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