Top 5 Sexiest Women of the Month – October ‘09 Edition

Top 5 sexiest women of the month is a top-list of the sexiest up and coming as well as established women from all over the world.

5. Angelica Rusovan


Angelica has been working for a real estate company for over 5 years now selling property around Gold Coast and Brisbane. As a child she was actually really into performing and singing but later got into modelling when she reached 18 years old, unfortunately she had to put her modelling career on hold to concentrate on her family at the time though. Just recently she was signed up by a Brisbane agency on MySpace so she is hoping to pursue now what she was unable to pursue before. Since being signed by a Brisbane modelling agency she has done a number of print and promo work and is actually set to be on a TV Game show this month.

4. Amanda Gift


Amanda hails from an “ugly duckling” transformed into a “beautiful swan” story – and what a beautiful swan she has transformed into indeed!  She used to be one of those girls that were made fun of at school, now that she’s risen from her ugly past so she now hopes to be an inspiration to all the other girls that were teased and tormented at school because of their looks. She was originally discovered working at hooters 8 long years ago and the first modelling job she ever did was for the Hooters Calendar back in 2001 – she became one of 4 girls selected for the calendar out of her entire state! Since then she has gone on to become the cover of FHM where she was even whisked off to London to shoot for the front cover. She hopes to be an agent some day.

3.  Jennifer Yi


Jennifer is a bilingual, Korean-American student who is currently studying at Illinois Institute of Technology.  Half nerd, half superstar wannabe, Jennifer a multi-talented individual who is currently balancing out her studies with the glares of spotlight.  Besides being a runway model, she is also a singer and a violinist so stage has always been a second home for her. Her first modelling gig was at an annual Chicago Hair Fashion Show for her mom’s hairstylist, and since then she has become a fixture in the runway modelling scene. Right now she’s intending on graduating a semester early and taking a few years off to give modelling and possibly singing more attention.

2. Bronte Taeler


Bronte has a secret: Just by looking at her, it will never cross your mind that she is in fact half Chinese and half Australian. But wait there’s more! Here’s the kicker – she can apparently speak mandarin quite fluently which certainly freaks a lot of people out! Bronte’s first foray in the world of modelling was way back when she was 12 years old and it was for a make up artist in Hong Kong. Since then she has done a number of modelling jobs and she is currently a Showgirl. She hopes to grace the cover of  Playboy USA sometime in the near future because in her opinion Playboy has set such a benchmark for magazines in the way it revolutionized women’s sexuality.

1. Ali


Ali is an artistic individual who always strives to give 100% of herself in whatever she does – the sexiest woman for the month of October has a real sense of adventure and she actually really enjoys meeting new people. She has always been interested in modelling ever since she was a little girl.

Ali also loves working with passionate people.

She loves the fashion industry and she finds photo shoots and the modelling experience as a whole to be very inspiring. She was first signed by a Chicago agent back then when she was 13, and then she got more involved in the modelling industry when she reached high school. Her most memorable modelling gig would have to be the bridal shoot for Fashion Chicago Magazine. She loved the whole vintage feel of the shoot and she loved putting on a wedding gown because according to her it isn’t really every day that you get to wear a wedding gown!

The modelling industry has also brought her to the point where she got in contact with individuals that work within various forms of Advertising media. Through this, she has finally discovered her long-term career passion – which is to find a career within the field of Advertising. As she contemplates on her career perspectives, she sets her sights towards forming her very own Advertising agency to enable her to create opportunities for upcoming young talents so that they can continue to pursue their dreams and aspirations.


1. What do you enjoy most about modelling?

I love working with passionate people. I find that the fashion industry can provide such a creative outlet for so many professionals, and I also find the whole photo shoot and modelling experience very inspiring.

2. Can you give us a brief description of yourself and how you were discovered?

I am an artistic individual and I always strive to give 100% of myself in whatever I pursue may it be short term or long term. I have a sense of adventure and I really enjoy meeting new people. I’ve always been interested in modelling ever since I was a little girl – I even did some commercial modelling when I was a kid. When I reached college, Asha from UR Supermodels got in contact with me and I’ve has been working with her ever since.

3. When did you first model and where?

I signed with a Chicago agent when I was 13 but I got more involved in the modelling industry when I went to high school.

4. Do you have a specific inspiration to keep modelling? (A person, an event etc)

No one or nothing in specific really, I just see how motivated everyone is in this industry and that inspires me already to continue to be a part of it and pursue my own artistic avenues.

5. What was your most memorable gig?

My most memorable gig would have to be the bridal shoot for Fashion Chicago Magazine. I loved the whole vintage look they used on me – and it isn’t every day that you get to wear a wedding gown!

6. What achievement are you most proud off?

I always try to do things outside of my comfort zone that’s why everyday I push myself so that I can reach my highest ability and enrich my outlook in life. I pride myself in persevering through different challenges on a day to day basis whether they be large or small. I believe that if you are living outside your comfort zone then you are always learning something new every day.

7. What are your future plans for your career? (Inside the entertainment industry or out of it)

The modelling industry has luckily brought me in contact with individuals that work within various forms of Advertising media. I actually discovered my long-term career passion whilst being in the modelling world – I discovered that I wanted to pursue a career within the field of Advertising. As I advance my career perspectives, I look forward to creating my very own Advertising agency so that I can create opportunities for creative young talent to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

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