Top 10 Female Artists Of The Year

Top 5 female artists of the year is a top-list of the most promising and fascinating female artists from all over the world.

1. DVS


When one grows up in a household of 6 kids, one has to find a way to stand out!  And boy, that’s exactly what DVS Dee did.  We’ve all been blown away by her incredible vocal talent and her provocative, sexy ability to command the stage.  But there’s more to this amazing artist than meets the eye.

If there’s a word that would apply to DVS, it would be this: Perfection.  She demands nothing else.  Her talent extends beyond her ability to belt out songs like her idol, Mariah Carey, and spills into every aspect of her performance.  She designs and creates her own outfits, both for the stage and for photo shoots.  Her label, ‘Nasty Dee by DVS’, specializes in one-off women’s clothing.  Being a unique artist herself, DVS wants her clients to get their own taste of that uniqueness and originality – this means, that every creation is made for that client and that client only.  “Each customer can be honoured in saying that the product they purchase is the only one of its kind in the whole world.” Currently in the process of setting up an online store, she promises that once an outfit has “…been ordered by one person, they will no longer be available…” While we await her grand opening, her outfits are modelled by her on her many promotional photos on her MySpace page.

Her pursuit of perfection and competitive nature has also led her to audition and form her own crew of dancers called DEESFUNKTIONAL.  Not satisfied with just delivering a vocal performance, DVS aims to give her audiences a musical experience they’ve never had before. Nothing stops this defiant performer! 

But her first love will always be her music. “Music is my air….I have never imagined my life without music…”  DVS has come a long way since she her first song, “Do Tha Damn Thing” was released on the internet, “…it’s still one that I never get sick of listening to…”  Last year, she, along with Urban Empire, had the opportunity to be one of the supporting acts for Platinum selling US R&B sensation, Lloyd.  Currently her debut album tentatively titled: “That’s What I Do” is in the works.  “…it’s a slow and intense process…most people don’t realize the amount of work that goes into the composition of an album…”  Once the album is complete, she will then launch herself into the planning for a tour.  Networking like crazy both here and in the US, “…the prospect…is looking brighter all the time…”  Seeing and listening to her on stage and knowing of her unyielding desire to succeed, one can see no reason to doubt that DVS’ star is on the rise.

For more on DVS, check out:;; and

2. Sammy


Singing has always been a major part of Sammy’s world. At 16 years of age, she joined her first girl group which initially helped her to expand as an artist and confirmed her passion for the music industry. After that, for the next two years Sammy was then in and out of various girl groups and working with various producer’s trying to find herself and taking in as much as much as she can from the experience. Throughout her career she spent her time travelling back and forth, learning and recording and gradually working her way up in the industry. In the year 2008, David Caplice mentored her as a solo artist after seeing her passion and commitment and at the start of last year she has finally co-written her album with some of the most talented and successful producers all over Australia. Sammy also draws her strength from God who continues to give her the determination and focus to continue to do what she loves best.

3. Maggie


Maggie is a carefree, fun-loving girl who sung around the house before actually discovering she had a real talent.  She then decided to take it to the next level by getting professional singing lessons and the rest you can say is history. Her style of music can be described as a mixture of Pop/R&B/Soul and is inspired by the real things close to her heart by writing and singing about her own life stories. To Maggie, life is music and one of the reasons she gets up in the morning – it all just comes natural to her. One of her greatest accomplishments to date would have to be moving to Nashville from a small town in Ontario, Canada whilst not knowing anyone and managing to jumpstart her musical career . She has written 5 songs ever since she arrived. She now focuses on building her career, bringing out her debut album and also discovering the world by going on tour.

4. Mirrah


Mirrah is a singer, rapper, song writer, stage performer and a budding actress. Her many talents, her fresh, natural and exotic look, and capability to immerse herself in any role, actually makes her the ultimate entertainment ‘chameleon’. She is of Indonesian and African American background and she was adopted as a baby by an Australian mother and an Irish/New Yorker father. She was bought up in a beach side suburb of Sydney, Australia as well as the entertainment capital of Los Angeles. She is a unique artist who communicates her twist on today’s pop culture by introducing a refreshing style of Hip Pop Electro music to target the diverse women and men across the globe. This multi-ethnic professional’s sound and vibe is indeed trend setting. Her simple dream is to share the beauty of ‘Life, Love and Music’ to the world.

5. Nessa


Nessa was already singing at the tender age of 4 years old and her first public performance was at church. Afterwards she then took piano lesson at the young age of 5 then at 10 years old she has already written her first song! She actually grew up in Sydney’s inner west but after moving to Los Angeles, California back in 2007, her voice was discovered via a jam session. After she graduated from high school she kicked her musical career to fulltime mode by performing every Friday and recording her EP album “Hearts Desire.” So far she has been fortunate to collaborate with some of the most in demand underground artists such as Gabe Bondoc, Passion, Bryan Keith and many more. Her main inspiration in music is God and her first songs were actually about her childhood experiences and lessons that she’s learnt along the way through church. Her style of music ranges from RnB soul acoustic to pop and her songs are always filled with personal “close to heart” stories which she hopes can flow down to her audience and create a similar sense of emotion.

6. Rosie


As a toddler, Rosie used to sing and dance around to Aretha Franklin’s and Paul Simon’s “Graceland” album thereby earning her the nickname “nappy groover.” As time went by though, she learned to appreciate other styles of music as she heavily got into Lauren Hill. This explains her style of music now which is a mixture of acoustic soul, groove, and jazz with some exotica. She has led a very adventurous life traveling to other countries where she experienced other genres such as Canto pop, traditional Hindustani and Bollywood music which actually inspired her to study how to play the “sitar.” She has finally recorded and released her debut EP earlier this year so keep an eye out for that. Rosie also plays in two Sydney bands namely “Old man River” and “The Bakery.”

7. Jess Harlen


Jess Harlen has brought national and international acclaim with her fresh soulful style to the urban music scene. Her EP Street level soul won her the Best Unsigned Artist at the Aus & New Zealand Urban Music Awards which was judged by industry acclaimed professionals. She has just finished a North American and European Tour as a backing vocalist in Australian roots band ‘Blue King Brown’ which gave her more experience and exposure. She will now head back to Melbourne where she will release her debut solo album ‘Neon Heartache’ produced by Plutonic Lab.

8. Opi


Opi is a self dependant original artist who doesn’t follow any commercial trends unless it’s her very own. Her music consists of a range of topics aimed at reaching out to her audience personally with lyrics dedicated to personal issues such as heartbreak, freedom, world issues and state of consciousness with the world and people. Some of her greatest accomplishments so far include touring Australia with Shasha Marley an established reggae artist from Ghana; she is also currently working on her album and its release. Later in life, she wants to establish schools in countries with underprivileged children and possibly open up a beauty shop as well. Either way, she wants to educate people.

9. Carla Waye


At a young age Carla had always wanted to be a superstar. Her love for art and music came to her very early in her life when she realized that she had a natural talent for singing. The  Filipino-Australian singer/songwriter’s fierce passion for music (she always wanted to act on instinct when it came to her love for her music) saw her leave school at the age of 14.  However, being home-schooled gave her the flexibility to pursue her dreams. She was able to travel Australia and perform at nightclubs and events.  She has also worked with some credited producers such as Darryl Anthony who worked with AZ Yet and also Israel. Carla has been a supporting act for Guy Sebastian and international acts Flo-Rida and Slim from 112. In 2007 she was recognized amongst industry personnel and became a nominee in the urban category in the Music Oz awards.  Currently she is working on some new material and is still aiming high.

10. Natalie Reiss


Natalie’s musical style has been described as a combination of both Amy Winehouse and Gwen Stefani, with her very own twist thrown in.  It is no wonder then that she has achieved great recognition in the industry.  She earned a spot on London-based music website,, a website dedicated to all things ‘pop’. She was both number 1 and 2 on the ‘TRIPLE J UNEARTHED’ charts in March 2008 as well as winning the 2007 & 2008 ‘New Artist 2 Radio’ competition. Natalie then took a gamble and entered song writing competitions and came out as the runner up in The Australian Songwriters Association’s 27th ‘Australian Song Writing’ contest and was a winner in 2009’s 10th Annual Great American Song Contest.  With such abundant talent and drive to excel, it is no doubt that we will be seeing this young lady around the music industry for a good long time.

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