Top 10 Sexiest Men Of The Year

Top 10 sexiest men of the year is a top-list of the sexiest up and coming as well as established men from all over the world.

1. Aaron


Aaron Michael Castillo was born and raised in Stockton, CA, a city just east of San Fransisco. Aaron and his younger brother, Jordan Jurado, 18 were raised by his mother Renee Jurado. He was blessed with a beautiful sister Madison Chervony, 8, after his mother remarried to his stepfather Stepehen Chervony in 2000.

He was determined to leave Stockton after high school in search of bigger and better opportunities.  So 4 days after graduation he moved out to Los Angeles, CA alone, started working in a bakery and attending a junior college full-time. He attended school for 2½ years while working full-time as a retail salesman at a cell phone store, T-Mobile. It was there in North Hollywood, CA where he was introduced to the modelling industry. In September 2007, he began working as a server at a Mexican restaurant while in search of an agent. In July 2008 he met his manager Billy Clark, who’s also the manager of singer/actress, Christina Milian and teen actress/singer Keke Palmer.

In August 2008, he then signed to his Los Angeles Agency, Nous Model Management. In September 2008, he took his first international trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Faces Models. There he worked numerous jobs such as print, runway and campaigns for brands such as Gucci, Soda, Maxim Magazine and more. He returned to Los Angeles in February 2009 after 4 months in KL. He worked in LA until May 2009 when he signed to an agency in Istanbul, Turkey. June 5, 2009 was when he made the move to Istanbul and he is now currently working there with Erberk Models.

He believes that he is very blessed to have this opportunity to model both in the States and internationally. He also revealed that he’s a very ambitious and determined person who always strives for more. His ultimate goal is to get into the acting industry.

2. Michael


Michael Nguyen was born and raised in California. He apparently still laughs at the notion that *anyone *considers him a “model” because he said that he’s actually more of a geek than anything else.  He has a love for art, movies, comic books, mom-and-pop restaurants, video games, and professional wrestling and he would actually prefer a night in as opposed to a hot night out on the town. He studied at the theatre arts at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts down at UCI (the University of California, Irvine) and even launched a personal website/blog for his art.  After graduating in 2006, he immediately continued to pursue his aspirations and attended a scouting event where he was discovered and signed with an agent, who is now currently representing him as both a model and an actor. He got his first taste of the modelling biz when he first modelled for a friend’s thesis-fashion show down in Long Beach, California, whilst he was still studying in undergrad and the rest you can say is history. He plans to continue muscling my way through audition after audition, be it as a model or an actor because he believes that both fields go hand-in-hand and complement each other, so he plans to utilize what he has learnt from both experiences to develop an overall better self, both as an important figure in the entertainment business and as a proud and respected person outside of the industry.  He believes that as long as he stays true to his values and is diligent and patient, rewards of all shapes and sizes will come his way.  Wherever the road may take him, be it as a renowned actor or a famous model or a street artist, he still plans to still do everything to the best of his ability and to never compromise the purpose of art. 

3. Rayden


Rayden is 24 year old model who was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. His mother is Vietnamese / French and his father is Chinese. He also currently lives and works to and from Asia and the U.S. He considers himself to be a down to earth person who likes to laugh and have fun and enjoy the simple and basic things that life has to offer. He was actually accidentally discovered when he was invited to attend a big fashion show, it was his first time ever to attend such a party and event but funnily enough, the moment he walked into the party the photographers and the media that was there for the event just started taking his pictures and assumed that he was actually one of the models. It was there later that he ended up meeting a talent and model scout and that’s how it all started for him. He’s most proud of the fact that he came from a very small lower class town from Sydney, Australia and now he is able to have the opportunities to do things he can only once dream of. He’s very proud of what he has achieved so far for himself and for his family, and he plans to just live up to his potential and to work hard and be the best that he can be.

4. Damien


Damien is a 19 years old model who hails from New York. He was born and raised in Western Massachusetts near the Vermont border. Hallmark, Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, MA, was the very first place Damien really began his modelling career. He was first discovered by students at a photography institute in his area, and once he posted his portfolio online, various photographers immediately approached him to work with them and the rest you can say is history. He’s most proud of becoming an independent person. He described moving out of his parents’ house as probably the biggest success he’s ever had because when he did that he was able to pursue more things in life, including his career. He hopes to continue modelling and working within the fashion industry. But maybe someday he’s hoping to go back to his first love – which is doing performances.

5. Justin


Justin maybe new in the field of modelling but don’t underestimate this man because he has a face that can melt hearts wherever he goes and a sexy physique to go with it. He loves travelling and is very motivated when it comes to modelling and running a business. He’s a sexy entrepreneur who’s also into acting and who enjoys modelling because he likes being creative in front of the camera and evoking emotion from people who gets to see his photos. He first ventured into the field of modelling when he did a photo shoot with his friend Michelle and ever since then he’s had a number of modelling gigs. He’s hoping to continue modelling as well as work on building a promising acting career.

6. Ira


Ira is a high school teacher who loves sport and personal training who was discovered by a photographer at uni. His first modelling gig was in Perth and it was actually a nude photo shoot! The feeling of being able to experiment and creatively challenge himself in front of the camera is what inspires him about modelling. He takes his fitness regime very seriously and aspires to reach his goals with his body and health. Ira wants to expand his career and reach to high-end fashion photographers and brands which will give him the exposure he dreams of.

7. Dave


Dave is a fun loving guy who enjoys life’s simple pleasures.  His first modelling gig was “Hang Ten “when he was 15 years old and was discovered not by your typical scout, but his very own sister!  He has had the chance to travel to exotic locales where he was modelling high fashion designer clothes. To date, his finest accolade would be making the Top 12 for “Men’s Health Man “of 2009. What Dave enjoys most about being in the industry is experiencing extraordinary locations, and he wants to continue doing body, face and fashion modelling for as long as he can. Currently he is running his own personal training business which has been going strong for 2 years and on the personal front, he is also expecting his very first baby with his beautiful fiancé.

8. Jordan

Jordan Flentge

Jordan is an 18 years old model who hails from Cave Creek, Arizona USA. His hobbies include working out and modelling and he’s also currently in school studying to be a fire-fighter. Funnily enough, he was actually discovered whilst he was getting his hair styled. He went to a salon where someone recommended that he pursue modelling and that’s exactly what he did. He wants to become a well known model in the near future and possibly an actor at the same time – He also wants to be a fire fighter as well amidst juggling between his modelling and acting career.

9. Tyler

Tyler Stokes

Tyler originally moved to Los Angeles about a year ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to further pursue a career in modelling and acting. He was actually discovered in Vegas out of all places; there was a competition in Vegas where he competed in the modelling and acting divisions – and he actually won “Model of the Year!” Since then he has gone and signed with Ford Modelling Agency and the rest you can say is history. Now Tyler might work hard when it comes to his modelling career, but he also knows how to have a good time. His inspiration apparently stems from wanting to help fix his family’s financial issues. When asked what his future plans are, he simple responded with “I don’t have any set plans for the future; I just plan to let modelling take me wherever it does.”

10. Randall


Randall was discovered through muscle mania, a bodybuilding league. He initially started off as a bodybuilder but then during the duration of his bodybuilding program he was told that he has the physique of a fitness model. A photographer who goes by the name of Jessica Cortez started him off by doing a couple shots with him and now here he is. He loves being a model and he said that as long as there’s a demand for him, then he’s going to keep pushing forward. He doesn’t have any set future plans regarding his modelling career so he just wants to let the public decide where he should be. Randall is determined to make it in the modelling biz that he is willing to shoot for whatever comes his way – he’s ready to take the world on!

  1. idiot ” The facts ”
    The website is dedicated to up and coming/underground models/artists..some are just starting out u dick.
    just because you’re not up there ….so shutup

  2. these arnt models. just a bunch of losers who will never make it in the business. keep dreaming ya bums. look at their profiles, some of them are just talking random shit about their lives.

  3. If you look deep enough into Jordan’s eyes. You can see the closest that he is hiding in. GAYYYYY!

  4. Randall should have won. The guy is so jacked. He could beat the SHIT out of everyone else. Especially Aaron. Randall looks like the love child of Mark McGuire and Scott Steiner.

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