Top 5 male artists of the month – February 2010 Edition

Top 5 male artists of the month is a top-list of the most promising and fascinating male artists from all over the world.

1. Male Artist of the Month: Tom Richardson


Little by little, music was introduced to a young Tom Richardson. His first instrument was the piano but it wasn’t quite his style. He then discovered that the guitar was his forte and then singing came along soon after to complete his musical arsenal.

His music is heavily inspired by the classical guitar, early blues players and contemporary artists such as Jeff Lang and Ry Cooder, and by modern artists such as Damien Rice and Michael Franti. Tom’s vast knowledge of other genres has also impacted on his music as he is able to take parts of other genres and embed them into his own repertoire to create some authentic pieces of art.

Music to Tom is not only serious but is also a creative form of expression. Casually shared in a fun way, he manages to create an atmosphere appealing to a large audience and so results in a memorable experience. Throughout his career he has had amazing opportunities such as being recognized in the Australian Blues scene, receiving 4 nominations in the Australian Blues Music Awards and winning for Best Debut Album and Solo Performer of the Year at the 2009 Victorian Blues Awards.

Currently he is working on his music and is creating an album laced with reggae and funk.  He hopes to see this reach new heights for him in the music industry.

2. Hayden French


Hayden French’s work has been described as: “Music you can feel”.  The smooth blend of blues, jazz, funk, pop and soul is a joy to hear and his words capture the heart.  The pairing of his voice with a masterful talent on the guitar, bring to mind artists such as Jason Mraz and John Mayer.  Backed up by a 15-piece band, Hayden has played to enthusiastic audiences at festivals and in local music venues.  He has a great desire to connect with his audience.  He sings of love and loss; the joys of living life and the tragedy of having to say goodbye.

Influenced by Blues greats, Miles Davis and Matt Schofield, French has also studied under jazz guitar legend, Don Andrews.  The recent release of his album, “Goodbye To Yesterday” signifies the start of bigger and better things for this talented musician. No doubt his music will move beyond the Central Coast of Australia and onto the world stage.

3. Syko


Putting pen to paper and conjuring up rhymes was always a natural ability to Syko, even from a young age, but by the age of 15 he wanted to take it to the next level. He wanted to start recording and experimenting with beats to train and develop his techniques.

His music will never stay the same and with every track he tries to come up with new ideas to bring a fresh perspective to the urban scene. His songs aren’t the cliché or the typical hip hop track one usually hears.  His lyrics possess a meaningful purpose and he hopes that they do get across in a positive way. Syko literally puts his heart and soul down on every track and he isn’t out to be the greatest rapper and be in the limelight.  That was never his purpose for music – it was always meant to be shared. This is an artist that will do whatever it takes to please his fans.

4. Russell Young


Russell Young is a Rap/Hip-Hop artist who hails from “Waynesboro V.A.” After dropping his first single, “My Life”, he has just dropped his second single, “No Good” – produced by Kafaeno off of his highly anticipated album “Finally”, which is due to drop soon. As of now, his single “My Life” has been the most added single to college and internet radio. He is getting features on many websites and blogs, as well as interviews from radio stations around the world. He’s currently in the process of putting together a tour which seems to be generating a lot of buzz already so watch this space for updates!

5. Mark Wilkinson


Mark first started writing songs about 6 years ago and picked up his first guitar while studying at University. He soon realized he has an obsession for it. He describes his music to be pop/folk with an acoustic touch and draws inspiration from artists such as Jeff Buckley, David Gray, Paolo Nutini. Mark is no stranger to the stage and has been lucky enough to have had some memorable gigs in his life. Some of the highlights in his career were touring with Johnny Diesel, supporting Damien Leith at the State Theatre and going on tour through UK and Europe. His lyrics are his signature, evoking strong emotions and that, coupled with a captivating melody ensure Mark’s standing as a ‘Fascinating Artist’. Currently he aims for longevity in the industry, developing himself as an artist and to release new material every year.

  1. Have to say Mark Wilkinson is the most fantastic singer, his music and lyrics have a beautiful depth and clarity about them.

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