Group/Duo Of The Month For September 2012

They may be opposites (Page loves sports and Bianca enters beauty pageants!) but when it comes to music there few two friends more in sync than StarCentral Magazine’s Group/Duo of the Month for September 2012, Bianca Gardner and Page Fortuna.

Best friends for the last 6 years, Bianca and Page shared so many interests (“We were presidents of our student council; we were in DECA, theatre, the musicals and even lacrosse!”) that their musical partnership was inevitable. Describing their early YouTube videos as “mostly bloopers”, the talented pair persevered and soon, “people started to listen to us!” Now their channel, ‘Bianca and Page’s Channel’ has garnered nearly 348,000 views and over 1,700 subscribers! Their first live performance was at the Hub-Bub in Spartanburg, South Carolina. “It was a small venue but tons of fun and they continued to ask us back which was a great feeling!” Since then, there was no stopping them and they don’t need a fancy performance venue either! “One of our favorite things to do is perform on the streets of downtown Charleston…it’s the most incredible feeling when a large group starts…to watch us sing and the little children dancing away to our music. It’s AMAZING…”

It is this reaction to their music (“…either they’re dancing, smiling, or even when our wonderful parents start to cry…”) that spurs these two 20-year olds to “…continue writing and singing together…we love what we do and we are determined to make this our life…” Being able to share their music with each other has been invaluable in navigating the ups and downs of the music industry. “We have been told that we weren’t ready for this business but we know that we are. Being together for so long we have been through thick and thin, only making us more motivated to prove those who doubted us, wrong.” There is no more evidence of that than their two original songs, “Out of Mind” and “No Superstitions”. With the full-hearted support of their families (“We couldn’t ask for a better support system…”), both girls know “…you don’t get your dream handed to you…” and that it was only through their hard work that they will succeed. “It’ll happen one day….we just know it.”

YouTube Channel, ‘Bianca and Page’s Channel’:

  1. Congrads ladies! Yall are on your way to stardom and it is well deserved. Yall are amazing and I’m very proud of you both.

  2. Thank you so much for this opportunity and we are so glad to represent Group/Duo for the month of September 2012!! Thank for all the support everyone!

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