Musician of the Month – December 2012

Matt Janovsky is not your typical violinist.  You won’t hear the soaring strains of classical music coming from this young man’s violin. Instead, you will hear every other genre…except classical music, whether it be electronic/dance, rock, pop music or country!  Initially inspired by Charlie Daniels’ ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia,’ Matt now credits another innovative violinist, Lindsey Stirling as who inspires him to keep performing, “…her music and what she is doing is something never seen before, and it really pushed me to keep going and pursue my dreams.”  Lindsey has actually watched and ‘liked’ some of Matt’s covers of her songs on YouTube!  So great is Matt’s admiration for Stirling that he has become the “…Assistant Admin of the Official Lindsey Stirling Fan Group…” on Facebook and the support afforded him by his fellow ‘Stirlingites’ “…are another inspiration to me as well…they are just as supportive as my parents…”

Matt first picked up the violin 12 years ago.  His first forays into the limelight were at recitals and youth symphonies.  He graduated from that in a big way when he performed in front of 350 people at the ‘Arts of Allegheny Summer Concert Festival’ in Pennsylvania.  “I had the lights, the atmosphere, everything I could ever want, I truly felt I belonged on stage…I have seen so many people whose lives have been touched in a positive way by music, and nothing makes me happier than just going out, playing, and making people happy.”

Certainly, the Pittsburg-based musician’s YouTube channel is testament to that love for music and performing with over 47,000 views.  Already described by his idol, Lindsey Stirling as “awesome”, Matt knows that he “…will never stop playing…” and hopes to make music his full-time career.  With the full support of his family (“…they have told me to follow my heart and chase my dream and they will be with me every step of the way…”), this extraordinary musician may just have the talent and drive to make that dream come true.

Photos by: Scott Hutchison

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