Susan Rose: A singer who has all the makings of a star!

Emerging Star Susan Rose
Emerging Star Susan Rose

Considered to be a ‘shy’ child, Susan Rose is someone who grew up loving music and life and believing that ‘life is beautiful’. It was with this positive approach that this young singer took on the world and has managed to carve a special place for herself at a young age of 19 years.

Having grown up in Western Sydney, she continues to operate around the lovely city of Sydney. Rose’s early schooling was in Lansvale Public School and Canley Vale High School, when she got older she moved on to the Newtown High School Of The Performing Arts where she spent a good 12 years seeking education in the performing world. This laid the foundation for Susan’s musical career and is the main reason why this young lady has been able to hold her ground in this highly competitive industry.

Susan began to sing at a tender age of 14 years. She also displayed a keen interest in playing jazz music during this time and studied it for a couple of years. However, her passion in music was much stronger and soon Susan gave up jazz and chose to keep the singing going. In fact, Susan has been so engrossed in her singing that she does not even remember how she was discovered. All she knows is that she wanted to sing and along came her ‘favourite song’ and from then there was no stopping this destiny’s child!

Besides her regular gigs, Susan also does a lot of local charity events and has also been all over Sydney performing in prominent clubs and entertainment venues. She considers her performance at ‘The Sydney Royal Easter Show’ and being a support act for Mark Vincent – the 2009 Winner of Australia’s Got Talent as her most memorable performance. But even though she’s had a number of memorable gigs Susan still considers the time when she was chosen to perform at the ‘School’s Spectacular’ as a featured artist her most memorable performance. She sang the ‘Back In Black’ by ACDC and claims that the experience of singing in front of thousands made her both ‘nervous’ an ‘excited’ at the same time.

Susan has also won her fair share of awards, some of which includes ‘winning 1st place in the Malabar Club talent quest’, ‘1st Place in the RnB McDonald’s Arts Challenge (Sydney Eisteddford) 18yrs yrs and over’ and ‘1st Place in the ‘MATS’ Music and Arts Australia Variety Performance doing a musical theatre piece. She is hoping to continue on with her singing and wants to soon step into mainstream recording where she can tour the world performing her own original music in the greatest venues.

Seeking inspiration from superstars like Whitney Houston, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson, Susan hopes to be able to perform in the same league some day, demonstrating similar energy and excitement levels as these great performers. Lately, she has taken on guitar playing and seems to be getting better at it everyday.

While initially Susan did have a tough time trying to find the ‘music genre’ that she wanted to do, today she is very clear on her objective. Susan is a performer that definitely shows great promise and we hope to see much more of this young beautiful singer who has all the makings of a star.

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