Female Artist Of The Month For August 2012

Being voted as StarCentral’s Female Artist of the Month for August 2012, was the last thing Deena ever thought would happen! Being nominated was surprise enough! But once one hears this incredible talent, there is no doubt why she won the competition.

Meteoric is perhaps an understatement when describing Deena’s rise to success so far. After all, this painfully shy musician had never set foot on a stage until January this year! She finally took the plunge at a spring festival in Garden Grove, California and since then, she was hooked. “…I love basking in the adrenaline rush. I enjoy the expression on people’s faces as they go on that ride with me…”

Born in Japan and raised in Australia, Deena was exposed to music at a young age as her mother was a professional pianist and opera singer. She started playing the piano herself at 6 years old and later on, the flute. But during high school, music was put on the backburner. It wasn’t until she was 17, when she picked up her first guitar at a garage sale that music returned to her life. Drawing on her piano background, she taught herself how to play the guitar and afterwards, the ukulele. Singing wasn’t included in her repertoire until a friend recognized her potential, “…so he roped me into his band. It took me so many months before I was happy to belt out, I’m super glad for their tested patience!!”

Describing her music “…as a mixed bag of lollies…”, dipping “…into so many different genre pools…”, Deena recently got the amazing chance to share her music with the world. She travelled to Los Angeles to record her debut album, ‘Lone Wolf’ at iconic Capitol Records. Produced by Tony T Nguyen of Frontline Studios at Orange County, California, ‘Lone Wolf’ “…is everybody’s first glimpse to the personal side of my life. I’ve always kept my emotions to myself and channeled it into my melodies. So you’ll hear the happy and hear the sad.” The album was revealed at a release concert held at Sound Matrix Studios, Fountain Valley, California on June 2. “Not only was it a thrill to share my own music to people for the very first time but it meant that I was finally finished with the whole writing, recording & designing process!” Her album is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

The 20-year old knows that she still has so much to do with her music and she hopes that, like a late dear friend of hers who “…left behind a truck load of his soul in his artworks…”, she will continue to have the same passion for music as he did with his art. “I really would like to just get out there – play more, learn more, write more.” Returning to university in September to begin a degree in Entrepreneurship, Deena will no doubt be a big presence in the music world in the future.

Official Deena Music Channel: http://www.youtube.com/deenacolada

Deena’s official website: http://www.deenamusic.com/

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