Female YouTube Artist Of The Month: Kelli Wright


Negative opinions do not faze Kelli Wright at all as she gets herself out into the world while doing the thing she loved the most – singing. Gracing StarCentral Magazine as the Female YouTube Artist of the Month for the month of September 2015, Kelli has been attracting new followers every day and turning doubters into believer’s one video at a time.

Kelli actually gets inspiration from her daily interaction with her fans. She has people writing to her, expressing their appreciation of Kelli’s generosity for sharing her gift to those who enjoyed watching her on YouTube. In return, this charismatic singer pushes herself even harder to ensure that she delivers a content that everyone would gush about. She never fails to disappoint her subscribers and the fact that these people have chosen her to be a part of their lives is an aspect of her performance that she will always be very grateful for. ‘There’s no greater feeling than knowing you’ve been able to change somebody’s bad day around’, tells Kelli.


There is still excitement in her voice when she recalls how the people reacted to her first video on YouTube which was uploaded without her mom’s knowledge. But Kelli’s discreet show of talent could never be hidden for long as people could not help but circulate it around various social media networks as a display of admiration. She started getting messages from Facebook telling her how much they enjoyed it and before she knew it; her fan base had already begun to grow.

Kelli is still pretty new in the business. She just started on YouTube almost a year ago but the quality of her talent and the outpouring of support from different people are indications of rewarding years ahead.  She has also been exposed in live performances. She performed Christina Aguilera’s I Turn to You before a crowd in her eight grade National Junior Honour Society Ceremony.


Posting videos on YouTube could also be a real challenge for others especially at times when they do not feel good to make one. In fact, this has happened to Kelli too, but what sets her apart from the others is her level of commitment to her supporters who unfailingly anticipate her new videos every week. ‘After all is said and done, I’m always glad to push myself because I love interacting with them. They inspire me to work hard and to try to improve as much as I can’, she points out. And these are also the same people whom Kelli sources her everyday inspiration from.

When asked about where her family stands in all these, Kelli joyfully expresses affirmation of her parent’s unconditional support. Each has their own way of showing their encouragement. Kelli’s dad takes her to karaoke bars so she can get her singing abilities exposed, her mom, whom she refers to as her biggest fan, acts as a self-esteem booster. Her friends and boyfriend untiringly stays by her side whenever she needs them as well. ‘I kind of owe all of these to my best friend Katherine because she’s the one who made me finally realise that it was time to get out there. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be doing any of these right now’, says Kelli.


Undoubtedly, Kelli has the strongest support foundation to push her forward towards achieving her dreams. She has all the right people in her life who are prepared to stick with her through thick and thin as well as join her in her journey as she plans to broadcast her music out to the public as well as record her own CD. Currently, she is still taking her time to learn more about the industry without losing focus on her already established brand on YouTube.


  1. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? On a musical level, make my own album. On a personal level, I’d love to see the northern lights.
  2. Favourite place in the world and why? I know this is going to sound cliché but anywhere where I’m surrounded by my friends, boyfriend, and family.
  3. The five things you can’t live without? My dog, friends/boyfriend/family (yes, those count as one), sushi music, and Netflix.
  4. Complete this sentence: “I’m a sucker for…” and tell us why. A good, spur of the moment adventure. If it’s 4 a.m. and you suddenly decide you want to go out in the middle of nowhere to get waffles, I’m your girl.
  5. Your best way to combat nerves. Just keep remind yourself that you can do it. Focus more on the excitement than the anxiety.

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