Unsigned Female Artist Of The Month: Mary Ann Van der Horst


Mary Ann Van der Horst is StarCentral Magazine’s Unsigned Female Artist of the Month for the month of December. Her love of music can be traced in her early years when she was just 10 years old and scored her first musical performance way back in the Philippines. At such a young age, Mary Ann showed high confidence on stage which could also be attributed to her supportive family and friends who have been unceasingly encouraging her to sing in front of the people. ‘They are my ultimate fans. They have always been beside me, watching every show and every performance. I love them so much’, she stresses. With such strong motivation, Mary Ann took her family’s advice, and with determination and patience, she has learned to brave the competitive industry of music.


‘I totally enjoy every moment of performing especially when I see that it makes people happy, it adds up to my confidence and makes me feel more comfortable’, she shares as she speaks of her musical inclinations. Mary Ann may have been into numerous musical events but the most remarkable of them all as she remembers, was her fun stint on the X Factor Australia in which she sang Halo by Beyoncé. Mary Ann elicited unexpected reaction from the judges as the four could not help but gave her a standing ovation for the stunning voice that did not falter. ‘That was unbelievable singing in front of thousands of people and they were all cheering for me’, she says.


Although Mary Ann did not get to the competition’s finale, she remains thankful for all the mentoring she received from the X Factor judges. ‘They have been the most interesting people I have met so far, especially Red Foo of LMFAO, as they all advised me to never stop dreaming’, she shares as she tells the story when Red Foo approached her after she was sent home, and encouraged her further to continue pursuing her dreams. Indeed, Mary Ann has a brave heart in her that is filled with passion, persistence, and determination. She ensures to dedicate much of her time making and writing songs that will inspire her followers. After all, aside from her loving family, people who have been following her journey have become the inspiration that drives her to continue fighting. As her fans prove their unfaltering support for her career, Mary Ann continues to reciprocate their gesture through her inspiring sound.


When asked about how this experience has contributed to her life and career, she thoughtfully responds with an even stronger heart moulded for success. ‘I have learned to be strong. Back then, I thought that losing competitions would make people hate me but they showed me the beautiful side of it as they have become more loving of me. This pushes me to continue being true to myself while giving the best performance that everyone could enjoy’, reflects Mary Ann. In fact, there is no failure in losing as those who keep striving will eventually triumph. Mary Ann plans to release new songs in the future as her journey goes on. ‘Maybe one day, the right people will approach me and get me signed. I’ll never know unless I try.’ She ends.


  1. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? To have a children. At my age, I think it is the right time to have kids.
  2. Favourite place in the world and why? Japan. I love Japanese foods and their style of clothing.
  3. The five things you can’t live without? My mobile phone, camera, car, money, makeup.
  4. Complete this sentence: “I’m a sucker for…” and tell us why. I’m a sucker for camera because I love capturing moments and memories.
  5. Your best way to combat nerves. By using the power of positive thinking. Be prepared, professional, and breathe deeply as you start performing. I am always nervous at the beginning but it changes the moment I start singing. I always visualise successful shows and ensuring that negative thoughts don’t have a place in head.

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