Female YouTube Artists Of The Month – May 2013 Edition

Vote now for who you think should be the Female YouTube artist of the month for May 2013! If you feel that you or someone you know deserves to be a featured as one of the Female YouTube artist of the month then let our talent coordinator know by emailing eileen@starcentralmag.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Please keep it in mind that any person who leaves negative, unpleasant and unnecessarily rude or derogative comments will be removed and banned from this site permanently. This is not a page where you can post your rants – we will ONLY approve comments that are constructive to the contestants. Let’s just keep this voting poll fair and fun!

1. Alayna


2. Frida Roos



3. Alyssa Siebken


20_female youtube

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Vote for who you think should be the “Female YouTube artist ”  in the poll below! The winner will appear in our website and will be featured in our magazine. The poll closes on the 22nd of May, 2013 at 1am AEST and you are eligible to vote only once per day (after you’ve voted, 24 hours must pass after the time you voted, for you to be able to see the voting form and vote again the next day). Please note that voting is also restricted to just ONE vote per IP address. Vote NOW and make your voice heard!


  1. Love this StarCentral Magazine!!!!
    My vote goes to the girl with the strong voice,Frida Roos, from Sweden. Hope you be quite famous, like ABBA.

  2. No matter what happens in this competition, you are the best, Frida. Love you….woff woff

  3. There`s two in the world with the similar voice…..Frida Roos and Celine Dion. Hope you win this competition, Frida. Greetings from Vancouver, Canada.

  4. You are simply the best, Frida, no matter what!!!
    With that stunning voice and beatiful look you will win in the long run…… Love your last video on the tube, strong voice!!Wish you all the best in the future.

  5. Alayna is a wonderful songwriter and person! She has an amazing voice and has done such a great job covering so many artists from so many genres by making the songs her own. She definitely deserves to win this!

  6. All of these girls have talent. Nobody DESERVES to win it more than anybody else. They are all great!

  7. I hope Frida win this. She hasn´t got any professional backup on her videos and she`s just begin her career. I know this girl and she`s one of a kind. She have an amazing voice. Soon will we hear her on the Spotifylist singing with a rapguy from Sweden. I know that she write her own lyrics so someday we will also hear her own song`s and musicproduction`s.
    I wish her all my luck in the future,
    love Anki

  8. Alayna not only does an awesome job at the covers she does on Youtube, she also is an amazing songwriter! She definitely deserves to win this!

  9. You`re simply the best, Frida Roos. Love your strong voice. Hope you win this title and take`s the world with storm.

  10. Frida are surely winning! She’s my sister, she has the strongest passion for music and has always liked singing! She deserves to win this! 🙂

  11. Alyssa Siebken is not only an amazing artist but an amazing person as well. You deserve everything you have coming your way. Love you cuzzo, you rock!!!!

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