Female Artist of the Year for 2013!

Article by: Jenny Aluning

There really is no question that Frida Roos, StarCentral Magazine’s Female Artist of the Year for 2013 is passionate about music – “…It is and has always been the most important part of my everyday life…”  Of all the places in the world that she can pick as her favourite, Frida chooses “…the place where my microphone and computer are…”  The 21-year old considers music a beautiful art form.  A medium that “…can inspire people to try even harder in life, or make a change in their life…”  For her to be able to have that opportunity to affect others is a real source of joy.  “…I love how my audience and listeners really appreciate my singing and perhaps bringing some happiness in their life…”


The young Swedish-songwriter (also StarCentral’s Female Female YouTube Artist of the Month for June 2013) first stepped on stage as a 12-year old.  “…I sang with a Swedish singer named Shirley Clamp. It was at a community sing along event (Allsång i Fornbyn)… The way we hit it off with the audience was incredible and writing autographs sure was fun!”  Since then, she has filmed numerous music videos and recorded multiple covers but in 2014, she plans to concentrate on creating more original material alongside her sister.  “…We have some songs already done, but we need to practice even more before letting my followers see and hear our work! Another plan I have for 2014 is trying to get into the Swedish television show, “Idol”. But we never know what the future has in store for us right? So let’s hope for the best!”


Throughout her music career, one source of inspiration remains constant – that is Canadian singing powerhouse, Celine Dion.  “…She has the most incredible voice, the way she can use it and how amazing this remarkable person is never fails to inspire me. No one else can match up to her, she has her own thing – and that’s what I find fascinating!”  As she grows in her craft, Frida feels that she needs to travel and “…see more of the world. Not only to just see new places, but to get more inspiration of other peoples life and lifestyles and combine that within my own process of being a greater person, artist and vocalist…”


Completely supported by her family, this talented performer and part-time fashionista (“…I like spending (way too much) time in front of the mirror, trying out new hairstyles and being experimental with my make up! Some times my friends has to wait for me before I’m done. I dont know how many times I’ve heard “Frida, hurry up already!!”) cannot envision a future devoid of music.  Wherever this musical journey will take her, Frida knows that success will always be within her reach as long as she stays faithful to herself and to her art.



1. Favourite TV show ever… Keeping up with the Kardashians!

2. A gift I’d rather forget is… Well one time, I got a bunch of different costumes which I had to wear on a cruise. As a joke of course, but how fun was it really looking that much weirder when everyone else looked stunning? Great gifts there, my dear friends!

3. “If I were stranded on an island, I’d…” Work on my tan! Haha.

4. Best way to unwind  Listen to slow and relaxing music such as Celine Dion’s classic ones, for example ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

5. If you could meet anybody, dead or alive, who would it be? My dead grandpa and grandma which I really didn’t see that much in my childhood. That’d be both interesting and emotional!

Photos by: F. Sophia Roos

YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/kjamizzar/videos

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