Group/Duo Of The Month For August 2012

While some twins may try their hardest to distinguish themselves from their siblings by having different interests, tastes, etc…this is definitely not the case for sisters, Yuwen and Weiwen – StarCentral’s Group/Duo of the Month for August 2012!

Getting their early schooling in singing via their parents’ karaoke DVD’s, the duo would always entertain their family, “…there was never a time when we’d be singing solo…” . The pair then continued to compose their own music and after a failed attempt to form a band, they decided to “…make do with just the two of us…” At 13 years old, they launched themselves on YouTube with a cover of ‘When It All Falls Apart’ by The Veronicas. 3 years later, their YouTube Channel ‘ x Razor, You’re Such A Fatal Attraction x ’ has garnered over 712,000 views with over 8,400 subscribers!

Hailing from Canada, the sisters absolutely enjoy performing together. They love “…having someone to share experiences with. It’s also great because…harmonies can be sung to enhance the overall sound, giving depth to the music. Being able to make mistakes, laugh at them together, and help each other improve musically is also a rewarding part…” They first sang live at a school charity event last year singing two songs by Taylor Swift. “…it was just us, our voices, and a piano…it was pretty nerve-wracking!” Even though they felt that the “…performance was very raw….the audience seemed to enjoy it…which was comforting…”

Inspired by artists such as My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park and Paramore (“…The whole idea that their music can have such a massive impact on people and their lives motivates us to achieve the same thing…”), the 16-year olds will continue to play covers on YouTube, compose their own songs and grow in their “distinctive, evocative” music and hopefully, will one day get “…the chance to headline a worldwide tour…” or ““…play major music festivals such as Warped Tour and Bamboozle…”.

Their talent is undeniable but it is their attitude that sets Yuwen and Weiwen apart. “You should always take advantage of opportunities as they arise…be adventurous…take risks because you never know what you could be missing out on…mistakes will be made, but they will always make you wiser. Staying grounded is essential…because the more confidence you have in yourself and what you stand for, the less people can veer you in the wrong direction.” It is an attitude that could see them catapulted to stardom.

Yuwen and Weiwen YouTube Channel:

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