Hot New Music Track Picks – August ’09 Edition

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“Discretion” by Carla Waye

19 year old Carla is an urban singer-songwriter who has worked with Az Yet’s Darryl Anthony and Israel and has been a supporting act to Guy Sebastian and international artists such as Flo Rida & Slim from 112.

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“Everybody Else” by Catalyst ft. T-Pain

Catalyst is a New York City based hip hop rapper who has since released his aptly named album, “Perfect Timing” – at an opportune time when rap music has regained its position on the charts.

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“On My Way” by City Haze ft. Levar Thomas

New York City’s “Haze”, is a young emcee who has generated a great amount of buzz in New York’s hip hop underground and countries like France, Australia & Tokyo. His track, “On My Way”, has garnered half a million plus downloads and continues to rise!

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“Absolute Perfection” by D. Julien

Completing August’s trifecta of East Coast rappers, D. Julien is a hip hop artist based in Brooklyn, New York and has an album entitled, “Live, Love, Learn”, which a series of life experiences turned into relatable music that appeals to hip hop enthusiasts everywhere.

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“All About You” by Vera Fernandes

Vera Fernandes is a 25 year old up & coming urban artist who is based in Sydney, Australia. The former model has worked with some of Australia & New Zealand’s finest acts such as QBizzi & MC Tuppz and most notably, The Sound Academy, who produced “Running back” by Jessica Mauboy. Vera’s new single “All about You” is currently receiving rave reviews & air play across Sydney stations as an independent artist. She has also been featured on Australia’s first digital station, Radar radio.

» Visit Vera Fernandes’ Myspace profile


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  1. I love D.Julien music omfg…….It is amazing juss listening to…It one of those were u have ur cd in ur car n ur juss jamming windows dwn n all!

  2. SO very proud of our Adelaide girl Carla Waye who has International appeal.
    Her other songs are great tooo! We look forward to hearing more about her.

  3. I like Haze’s song, smooth. The D.Julien guy is all over the net, is he signed? If so it wouldnt be fair to the others. He’s so good though. Vera’s song is catchy, I like!!!!

  4. I love D.Julien’s track it takes me back to REAL Hip Hop back in the day with a modern day swing…im feeling it real talk…

  5. I like Vera’s song a lot and D.Julien’s song is real lyrics like old song Hip Hop. I love it

  6. I love the Catalyst and Carla Wayne! And Kristy is right – she sounds like Aaliyah! It’s an uncanny resemblance!

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