Hot New Music Track Picks – September ’09 Edition

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“Lighting Fires” by Caitlin Harnett


Possessing mature songwriting skills far beyond her years and gifted with a beautiful voice that compels you to listen, 19 year old Caitlin Harnett has quickly captured the attention of audiences and music industry insiders. The young artist is currently signed to a publishing deal with Mushroom Music Publishing and has independently released her debut EP, “Tiny Spark” that features five, beautifully crafted original songs and a lilting version of the June Carter and Johnny Cash classic, “Jackson”. Her songs have also been used in a number of Australian television programs such as “Home & Away” and one will soon be featured in an upcoming Australian movie.

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“Trigger Happy” by Charmaine


Charmaine is the name on lips of Australian music industry greats. Working with great like Multi-ARIA award winning producer, Audius Mtawarira (“Running Back” by Jessica Mauboy) and International Songwriting legend Rob Davis (“Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” by Kylie Minogue). And this gutsy young lady creates her own opportunities, with a successful launch of her first self-titled debut EP. Charmaine and her brilliant band are getting rave reviews as a live act that can funk, rock, snap, crackle and pop the lid off any venue.

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“Breakthrough” by RNB


Born and raised in sunny Miami Florida, RNB aka Rythem Nathaniel Blues, is the personification of the very genre he’s named himself after – sexy, slick and smooth. RNB has been a supporting voice to a few Virgin Records artists and has performed with known artists such as Pattie Label and has opened up for the iconic, Biggie Smalls. RNB has since landed a song on the hit TV series, “The Wire” and released a number of songs have that have garnered worldwide attention and hundreds of thousands of views and downloads.

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“No Good” by Russell Young

russell-young-promo-pic After dropping his first single, “My Life”, Russell Young has just dropped his second single, “No Good” – produced by Kafaeno off of his highly anticipated album “Finally”, which is due to drop in 2010. As of now, “My Life” has been the most added single to college and internet radio. He is getting features on many websites and blogs, as well as interviews from radio stations around the world.

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“It’s My Soleil” by The Hipstones


Hailed as “Sydney’s newest soul sensation”, The Hipstones are a 10 piece funk/soul band fronted by song writing/producing duo, Mark Palmer and Anthea White. Forming their partnership in Tokyo, Japan, the duo tackles soul, funk, jazz and a little bit of rock and has a real knack for writing modern songs with a vintage feel. The Hipstones are currently regulars on the prime time Australian TV program, The Kerrie Anne Morning Show – being the first ever “House Band” on the show. Their popular title track, “Something’s Gonna Start”, has also been featured on the award winning Australian TV series, All Saints.

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to all my fans, friends and family who support my music in so many ways. Thanks for remembering to vote for me each day. Also to my beautiful sister Lucy who asked many of her school friends to check out my music and if they liked it to vote for me. It’s humbling to know so many of you took the time. To the other artists your music rocked.
    Peace, Love and Light

  2. by the way, how arrogant of you to say, “I always say these thing don’t be real, and I’m right about it.” yeh…righty-o then.

    *rolls eyes*

  3. what was so unreal about it, alice? is it really unfathomable for these artists to have friends and fans to consistently vote for them on a regular basis? i, along with many other people voted for caitlin almost every day. why is this concept so hard for some people to grasp?

  4. I feel that your voting was not done right. Just think about the two young lady getting points the way they did. It just unreal. I always say these thing don’t be real, and I’m right about it. This comment is for the people who have the magazine. Thank you

  5. Hands down RNB’s voice is hot! The song is very commercial and catchy – I can hear it on a major radio station alongside all hit songs out now.

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