Hot New Music Track Picks – October ’09 Edition

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“Chrome (remix)” by DJ Blazita


DJ Blazita is a proud Latina that got her start in college radio at the #1 party school Penn State. She currently spins on “The only net station that matters”, (The Commission Radio). Smooth blends and street chops have made her a favorite amongst Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae and Reggaeton fans and DJs alike. Being as sexy as she is, vicious on the turntables is the icing on the cake.

» Visit Blazita’s Myspace profile

“Missing You” by Levar Thomas


Dedicated and driven, Florida based Levar Thomas has been working tirelessly to share his love for music with people and continues to hear great feedback from his fans and movers and shakers in the industry. He has been featured on several blogs including Singersroom, enjoys a following of over 20,000 fans on Twitter and has secured a woldwide ringtone deal with Fox Mobile/Jamster.

» Visit Levar’s website

“Still With You” by Pareece


To see Pareece perform live is like watching male supermodel Tyson Beckford dancing like Usher and singing like Tyrese. At 6 feet tall and with his self inflicted workout regimen for his body and vocals, Pareece is going to be part of the return of REAL quality artists! This is why Pareece is called the total package!

» Visit Pareece’s Myspace profile

“Get It Off” by TanyaT6


TanyaT6 is a R&B songtress that combines beauty and raw talent. She continues to evolve herself under the mentorship of platinum producer, Dame Grease. Her website speaks for itself.

» Visit TanyaT6’s Myspace profile

“Declaration Of Love” by Tiana Stamenkovic


Having co-written and recorded 4 original songs with Steven Zammit, Tiana Stamenkovic is well on the way to establishing her career in the Music Industry and plans to spend 2009 developing & growing as an artist, writing/recording new songs.

» Visit Tiana’s Myspace profile

Vote for the track you think should win “Music Track Of The Month” in the poll below! The winner will receive a full feature plus accompanying interview! The poll closes on the 3rd of November, 2009 at 12am AEST and you are eligible to vote only once per day (after you’ve voted, 24 hours must pass after the time you voted, for you to be able to see the voting form and vote again the next day). Vote NOW and make your voice heard!

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  1. ……….HERE COMES THE STORM !!!!! Well done kid. I;ll be keepin a close eye on ya. You been touched by the angels !

  2. I tried to vote for Missing You by Levar Thomas but the vote would not go through. Something is wrong with the site.

  3. Just logged on Love that song Dec Of luv. Got my vote beautiful and soulful. wat’ about da rest……mmm not even close.

  4. I’m diggin’ dhat song Declaration Of Love. So much meanin’. Im tellin’ ya, a song swimmin’ in a sea of depth. That is an amazing voice. I visited her myspace page There’s other songs on there that are absolute killer tracks. Good luck kid ! I’m sure were gonna hear alot more about you girl and I’m talkin’ Global

  5. Go Tiana Stamenkovic we r soooooooooo proud of u we hope u win this comp .This song means a lot t all of us that know u ,keep up the good work love u ur keka .XXX

  6. Mario, i am delighted that word of mouth is getting out about Tiana… I met Tiana through my daughter’s My Space and got the privilege of hearing her live… If you like the recording, wait til you hear her live… you wont believe your ears. As for record labels, she’s too good for the ones in Australia. If someone doesn’t cotton on to her talent, soon enough they wont be able to afford her because she is in a league of her own.

  7. I’ve just logged on cause a friend of mine told me about this kid Tiana Stamenkovic. WOW ! This kid is amazing. What a talent. From what I’ve been told she is only 14 years old ! I think there is another Alicia Keys in the making here. I voted for her track. Reading through the comments made by emmy, I agree Any label bosses who are wise enough to check this kid out should take note. a musical force in the making..

  8. I love the song Declaration of Love. That girl Tiana is amazing….what a voice. She looks so young. Who ever wrote that song is a damm good writer. All the other tracks I’ve listened to a pretty much the same ol’ crap. This song is unique. It’s from the heart and it’s certainly touched mine. You have my vote girl. You are so talented. You deserve this more than any other of the nominees. I hope to hear you on the radio one day. Any label bosses out there what are you waitin’ for ? Cant you see talent ! It’s right there waiting for you. All I see are $$$$$$$$ to be made

  9. PAREECE’s song is so hot!!!!!! I love his voice and i can def hear the skills and the talent…its beautiful…. i hope to hear him on the radio one day….

  10. OMG TIANA STAMENKOVIC IS AMAZING! The others dont deserve this as much as you do! You are such an inspiration and i hope you win!

    HAHAHAH to all the comments on this thing 🙂

  11. I vote for tiana everyday man, she blows the roof off with her voice.
    tiana is going to be massive!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO TIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I didnt vote for 2 whole days, i just tried now and it didnt let me

    but still with you is my favorite song i can really relate to it
    “i feel uncomfortable, acting like we still make love my boo truth is i have nothing with you and it’s making me blue” I LOVE IT!!!!


  13. I’ve just logged on to Tiana Stamenkovic’s song Declaration Of Love. I’m getting married in Febuary next year.Tiana if your in France by chance could you let me know.I’d love it if you could sing it at my wedding…I will keep in touch thru facebook and myspace etc. I think your wonderful. You have an amazing voice and it is such a beautiful song.I wish you all the best for the future. I hope you win. You have my vote. Good luck to all the other artists.

  14. Thanks Mr. Zammit, I hope we can ignore this CORN BALL from here on and concentrate on this contest. All these artist on this page are the future of music, quality artist, real musicianship, real music.

  15. I have continued to read these ridiculous comments between Nunya and this idiot…steven.
    steven…the idea of all this is not to get nasty….fair competition is what its all about. I dont know who you are but stop it with the nastiness and just let things eventuate….Eddie well said when you say the best of luck to all as I have said in my earlier comments.

    Have a nice day everyone

  16. Hoof Bang and Nunya, thanks for supporting Reece, don’t sweat this dude. This is not what this blog is for. We are professionals and Reece is def a pro. We wish the best of luck to all the artists tryin to get their hustle on. Steven… you got my number playboy.

  17. Yo Steven, I was lettin’ people know that my artist is a professional and that he would never make stupid comments on a site. I don’t know what that has to do with you but if you want to make things personal call me. 917-569-6388. I’m waitin; for your call killer.

  18. Yo ya don’t really wanna beef wit ya boy cuz u know I play with heat like a toy so stop fucking with pareese cuz I’ll have u like a scared cat stuck in a tree doggy!!!!!!

  19. shhh hush now little baby , go get momma to sing you a lullaby, hopefully she can sing as well as pareece and tiana.

    now girl, you gotta stop pesterin’ cause i think you’re falling in luuuuuuuurve with me.

  20. Hey Girl Whats Up baby Im a pissin’ myself. You talkin, but you aint doin no movin…. this kid is gonna take the world by storm…were all gonna get caught up in it….you just wait and see. I checked out her myspace page….only 14 yrs old How old are you ?…and what could you do at that age ! eh ? nothin but talk…keep talkin Im cause I’m outta here ps give my love to Eddie <3….look sideways thats you forever in my heart….Now you GO girl as in go away

  21. LOL Okay Steven, first of all, I’m a FEMALE. The only person that’s taking shyt personal is you. I honestly don’t care what you have to say, it’s not gonna affect me in any way. I am gonna say this though, Watch ya mouth. You don’t call people out their names ESPECIALLY females, that’s disrespectful. I’m SURE your momma taught you that. I’m assuming you thought i was a guy since you called me “brother” LOL so I’m done with that… As for what you said about Eddie i wont say anything because i don’t wanna instigate and I’m not trying to add fuel to the fire. I was just giving you advice… Take it or leave it, that’s on you, lol iight sweetie? On that note… MOVING ON…Pareece is AWESOME!! I could listen to him ALL day!! =]

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