The Verdict On The Girl on the Train DVD: Is It Worth Your Money??


Rating: 3/5 Stars

If you are looking for a mystery thriller that will keep you alarmed till it is over, the Girl on the Train is a great option for you to consider. Emily Blunt stars in one of the finest productions of 2016 and her acting is purely magical. In a movie where everyone is a suspect, you can only hope that you have guessed right.


Emily Blunt is Rachel, a woman who has gone through divorce and is struggling to survive alcoholism and loneliness. She is the Girl on the Train. She takes the train to work every morning and gets back home in the evening, always staring at her previous neighbourhood. This is where she sees Megan, a beautiful girl living right next to her once owned home. After a while, Rachel cannot help but get fixated on Megan and her life.

After Megan disappears, Rachel started wondering where she went. She begins questioning her own motives and try to reveal the truth behind Megan’s whereabouts. At the same time, Rachel has to deal with a furious ex-husband who threatens her to stay away from him and his family.

The police suspects Rachel and pays her a visit, urging her to stay away from the neighbourhood and Megan’s husband. But Rachel is too engaged and emotionally involved to comply with this order. Instead, she dives deeper in her anticipation to find out what happened with Megan.


As mentioned above, Emily Blunt deserves all the credits for her acting. She comes across as a terribly hurt person, who tries to find shelter in drinking and has no other purpose in life, other than observe what happens while being on the train. Desperation and loneliness, a cry for help and the need to draw attention, these are the elements on which Rachel has been built.

All the other characters just flow around her, although acting is great when it comes to the other protagonists. The plot thickens, and there are details incriminating literally everyone about the missing person. Nobody is 100% certain of the outcome in this “whodunit” movie.

Bottom Line

The Girl on the Train keeps the interest of the viewers as intense as it gets right from the start, never letting go till the movie ends. This is a great film that depicts the relationships between people who have experienced unpleasant incidents in their lives, showing the viewers how they cope with them. It is certainly going to be one of the most successful productions of 2016.

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