Opening The Next Go-To Eatery For The Stars: 4 Top Tips

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Opening an eatery to appeal to the rich and powerful is a pretty lofty goal and one that will take time, money and dedication to see take off. Celebrities are known for being elusive, and your eatery will need to provide the best in privacy and quality experience to attract the stars.

You’ll also need a suitable location for your eatery. This will depend on what your budget for premises looks like and the type of celebrity clientele you’re hoping to attract. For instance, if you want to attract film and TV stars to your business, then a location in Hollywood, LA, is a no-brainer. You should also do what you can to ensure that your business captures the imagination of its patrons and keeps them coming back for more.

Make It Insta-Ready

Making your establishment a social-media-ready paradise is an excellent way to generate free marketing and hype around your business. Everything from the décor to the food presentation should be presented in a way that your patrons simply can’t resist snapping pictures to post online. You should also choose and advertise a hashtag to promote your restaurant. Celebrities, like regular people, are often found online promoting their picture-perfect lives. By making your space the go-to place for snapping on-trend photos, you can increase the chances of getting a celebrity visit.

Spare No Expense

If you’re catering to a group of people who are used to living a luxury lifestyle, you’ll need to ensure that your eatery provides them with the quality they’re used to. You should find the very best suppliers for food and drink and use high-quality, stylish décor that will appeal to your high-end customers. You should also hire people with the best possible experience in providing customer service, ensuring all of your customers will experience the star treatment.

Protect Your Interests

Opening an eatery can be an expensive venture, and if you’re hoping to cater to high-end clientele like celebrities, you’ll need to spend significant money on the best food and décor possible. You’ll need to protect your interests and assets in the event that something goes wrong, which can ensure you won’t end up out of pocket. Look for insurance policies for business owners that can help you recoup money from loss of assets or liability issues. Choose a quality provider like The Hartford, who will ensure your assets and finances are thoroughly protected.

Partner With Influencers

Influencers are often celebrities in their own right and will have networks of friends in high places. If your pockets are deep enough and your establishment appealing enough, you could reach out to an influencer or two to help you promote your eatery in celebrity circles. You’ll need to choose the right influencers and ensure their following will help you reach your goals.


Attracting celebrities to a new eatery is easier said than done, but with some smart marketing tricks and quality service, it can be achievable. For anyone opening a business in the food and drink industry, it is crucial not to forget about the regular customers who will be your bread and butter. While celebrity appearances can do wonders for your reputation and reach, you should be cautious not to alienate the equally important non-celebrity visitors to your establishment.

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