Can Collagen Help You Get Healthy Nails?

Acrylics, gel polish, builder gel, nail extensions and enhancers, have their place in the beauty industry. However, they’re often damaging to our natural nails if applied incorrectly and with poor quality products. And, whilst we might invest in a fresh set of talons at a monthly appointment, it begs the question: what good is it if we’re not taking optimum care of the natural nails we have been graced with?

You may already know the incredible collagen powder benefits that this collagen has on our skin, hair and overall wellbeing. But have you ever considered the benefits that collagen has on your nails? Collagen can aid your nails in multiple ways.

Collagen for your skin

Before we delve into all things nails, it’s important that we remind ourselves of one of the first things that people tend to get introduced to collagen for: benefits of collagen for the skin. From the age of 25 our collagen production levels begin to take a steady decline which is when you might start to notice some changes in your skin. In particular, with pesky fine lines and wrinkles. Investing in a high quality collagen supplement for your skin will drastically increase your collagen levels and thereby stimulate new collagen production to leave you with smooth, healthy and glowing skin. If you haven’t already taken the plunge, it’s never too late – at The Collagen Co we offer an amazing range of great tasting, premium products to suit your lifestyle.

How will collagen help my nails?

So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of things. We all aspire to have strong and healthy natural nails – without the need to sit in a salon chair and make small talk for an hour. So, the best way to do that is to care for the natural nails you already have. “That’s easier said than done” I hear you say. And we get it, with our lives busier than ever, pots to wash, children to take care of gym routines to maintain and just general life – maintaining tidy unbroken nails doesn’t come easily. But, with the help of collagen powders and products, you can give your nails the best chance they’ve got.

Collagen is composed of different amino acids, specifically proline and arginine, that play a crucial role in why we use collagen in nail growth. Arginine, one of the amino acids present in collagen, helps provide vital nutrients and oxygen to nail tissues, including those in the nail beds and roots. This information is essential for individuals seeking to improve their nail health.

  • Less breakage

It’s important to know that our nails are made up of a protein known as keratin – something you’ve likely heard of before! So, it’s important to get adequate and high-quality protein into your diet to create a great foundation for healthy nails. That’s where collagen comes in. With a daily dose of our collagen supplement, you can help to strengthen your nails by preventing brittleness and having less breakage. The collagen works by providing our nail beds with the amino acid, arginine, which helps promote nail growth and overall health and, you’ve guessed it – less breakage!

  • Longer nails

With stronger nails comes the added bonus of them being far more durable. So, with the simple addition of collagen being added into your daily supplement routine, you can also gain long and healthy nails that retain moisture. This way you can give yourself the salon finish from home, without the need for high maintenance manicures.

Your nails are one of the first things that people will notice about you. So, it’s important that you take great care to keep them looking clean and fresh. Nobody likes chipped polish or untidy cuticles, that’s definitely not the look we’re going for. So, when you know about collagen for nails, you can make the most of the beauty and health benefits that come with it by making sure you get it into your daily routine. And, to put the icing on the cake, our collagen powder is also great for your overall skin health and complexion. So, that’s it, you now know that collagen is one of the best things you can do for your nails and skin. Get your daily dose at The Collagen Co.

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