Male Artist Of The Month: Jaba Karseladze


With determination, everything is possible, just look at Jaba Karseladze, StarCentral Magazine’s Male Artist of the Month for the Month of April 2015. Unlike most budding performers, Jaba instantly traipsed his way to the music scene when he initially performed in a big music hall in Tbilisi, Georgia, where more than 5000 people awaited to share the unforgettable moment with him. The emotion back then was so powerful that he began to see the beauty of sharing his emotions with his audience through his beautiful music.


Since then, Jaba never forgets to pay his supporters back. This is evident whenever he leaves every venue with massive traces of success in each performance. He reveals that while music is his passion, the people surrounding him are the big force that keeps him alive in the performing industry.

Jaba radiates with so much energy and joy. When asked about his memorable performance, he couldn’t help but take us with him as he travelled back in time when he performed in front of thousands of teenagers. It was May 1st, his birthday and he sang one of his most popular duet songs titled, ‘Don’t Hide Your Face,’ which was a certified chart-topper in Georgian showbiz at that time. This experience was one of the best things that happened in his life and it was what created the Jaba that we now see on stage.


His humble stance is admirable as he recalls all the interesting persons he has met along the journey. Although most of them come and go while he moves forward to his craft, he stresses that the valuable insights that these people gave him will stay inside his heart for a lifetime. Jaba’s sincerity is noticeable. He also shares that he is grateful for all the support his family has been showering him with and for the freedom to pursue his love ever since he was 12.

Yes! Love is what inspires this kind-hearted lad who is very open about his lovely relationship with music. This drives him to sing with all his heart and it never fails because it makes the audience feel good. A true performer and a figure of inspiration, Jaba believes that to be able to survive this industry, artists should be assertive when it comes to teaching others of their value and this can be very well manifested by knowing their self-worth. He also adds that giving up is never an option in this life, and that one must keep trying until he gets where he wants to be. Now, that’s a lot of motivation!


Currently, Jaba is busy with his Doctorate degree in International Business Management while recording new songs on the side. He also lets us peek into his new endeavour called JABA FITT, a brand that will present personal fitness programs and opportunities for young people who don’t have enough financial resources to pay for a personal coach. It sounds like a good project and Jaba’s desire and efforts to help other people achieve their goals are truly remarkable.



  1. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? I wish I could try to become a secret agent for the FBI. It’s my biggest dream! As I mentioned before, never say never, so who knows…I am still young and life is ahead of me with full of surprises.
  2. Favourite place in the world and why? The city where I live, Paris. I have travelled in more than 70 countries so far and for me, Paris is the most beautiful and lovely city I have ever visited.
  3. The five things you can’t live without? Friends, Socialising, Music, Sex, and Gym
  4. Complete this sentence: “I’m a sucker for…” and tell us why. The people who take care of themselves because I think when people do this, they take care of others too and they have good self-esteem.
  5. Your best way to combat nerves. Make love!

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