Most Fascinating Male Artists – September ‘09 Edition

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1. Kharisma (Australia)


Kharisma is a hip hop artist who’s based in Melbourne and is also a member of the group E11eventh Avenue. He can be best described as “an artist from another planet.”

Check out Kharisma’s myspace profile: Kharisma


2. J-Swift (Australia)


J-Swift is a rapper from Sydney who’s lyrical savvy skills is highly recognized by his peers. He considers himself as an artist who’s in control and has the drive to reach the top.

Check out J-Swift’s myspace profile: J-Swift


3. Sasan (Germany)


Sasan is a singer/producer who hails from Germany. His music is a mix of pop, r&b and latin.

Check out Sasan’s myspace profile: Sasan


4. K21 (Australia)


K21 started making his own music back in 2005 with nothing but an old computer and his rapping skills. He’s an independent artist who handles his music all by himself.

Check out K21’s myspace profile: K21


5. Don Valix (Australia)


Don Valix is a singer who hails from Sydney, Australia. He’s actually quite a well known entertainer in the local music scene.

 Check out Don’s myspace profile: Don

Vote for who you think should be the “Top Male Artist of the Month” in the poll below! The winner will receive a full feature that will appear in our featured section! The poll closes on the 30th of September, 2009 at 12am AEST and you are eligible to vote only once per day (after you’ve voted, 24 hours must pass after the time you voted, for you to be able to see the voting form and vote again the next day).

Vote NOW and make your voice heard!

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  1. to Sasan

    ___#_____# #
    #######______## .

    Ilove Sasannnnnnnnnnnnn

    sara from Australia

  2. to: MrsMeMakeASuport4Sasan

    Hey, it may have been you who started the fight.. but im glad to see that you’re not contributing in a bad way to this website anymore. so thankyou.
    i just hope the rest of the sasan fans can learn from’re a great person.

    There are several ways in which kharisma can get that much votes in a short time.

    1 person may have been voting, then passing it onto other people.. who pass it onto other people..and they all pass it on to whoever they are talking..
    Hence you get a mass amount of votes in a short time. Msn/Facebook/myspace. many ways in which people can spread links.

    Why can’t people think that, im sure Sasan fans are all trying to spread the word as well by telling others to vote. does that make sense?

    Star Central doesn’t deserve all the hate. All the artist have been chosen here to be promoted and people are harrassing the other artists and people here for what?
    I hope you know that Star Central approached Sasan… alright.. so Sasan wouldn’t be up here without this website.
    And if you hate star central, why are you coming back on this site? your contradicting yourself and being a hypocrite.

    Can you just supprt your artist.. Without saying anything racist,derogatory, insulting or just plain rude to anyone on this site.


  3. oh sasan you got many fans here.
    i like your music. with heart and soul.

    and a special fan thinking of you the whole time think about it.

    good luck for the rest artists here !

  4. I think it’s my fault that all the fighting here, right?
    I was so angry that I think frustrating because Kharisma truly genuine many votes had at one time in one day and Sasan have disappeared from the vote as ghostly hand, what we fans were not explained until now. Eileen and Jayson So how can something like this happen? thousands of fans have watched it, yes! naja you have to know how things will go, since it is indeed observed every day, you would indeed need to see what is there pasiert. I think the only thing we fans want to hear how it can be something.
    I thank you both

    go sasan

    nd good luck 4 the rest here i hope we can start a new nd FAIR competiton =)

  5. Vote for Christian Joseph 😉 LOL jks
    music isn’t a competition, it brings people together!
    stop with the immaturity and be happppyyy …

    that Kharisma’s guna win LMAO

    Peace xD

  6. Hi All,

    It seems that my last message was not taken into account by a number of immature people and the attack on Kharisma continues.

    From now on any comments that are in any way, shape or form putting any artist on this website down will be instantly DELETED.

    A number of Sasan fans are still attacking Kharisma for no reason whatsoever – THIS NEEDS TO CEASE EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. These attacks are really immature and below the belt and NOBODY DESERVES this sort of treatment from anyone.

    It is quite apparent that some people are just too thick headed or too angry to understand my message so we won’t even bother allowing your SPAM comments to infiltrate this website.

    All you’re doing is giving Sasan and the rest of the Sasan fans a bad name by your immaturity. It is NOT AMUSING, and it’s certainly less amusing that some people are attacking other people in a different language.

    Once again, we dont APPRECIATE your SPAM comments so they will be automatically be DELETED.

    on behalf of StarCentral Magazine

  7. you sasan fans make Germans look bad

    Shame on you

    and you are idiots as well, so that girl is right.
    Who brings down someone elses culture??
    honestly.. whats wrong with you.!!!!
    you need to get your head checked out.
    Or teases someone and harasses someone for no reason?
    Would you like that is Sasan was in that position.


    obviously not…

  8. Hi sasan fans

    be a man and write in English if you want to insult anyone here..

    and don’t use the excuse ” i can’t speak english ”

    go to a translator site!

    Because all you are doing is trying to get us intimidated and threatened by you… when what you write in german… doesn’t even make sense in English..

    So bravo

    * clap clap *

    im glad some people on here are mature, Kharisma is a great guy. and it seems like he is a genuine guy who is just here to get exposure for himself as an artist.

    GO kharisma!!

  9. Kharisma..

    im not going to pull you out.
    There is like.. 9 days left of this thing..
    and you’ve come so far.

    IGNORE all the people who put you down. you know the only reason they put you down is because they are in love with Sasan and the only way they can feel good about themselves or feel like they are something worth living in this world is to bring you down.

    Brush it off your shoulders.

    They are all idiots anyway for saying those words.
    I can’t put you in another month..
    so im not taking you out.
    after this you get an article anyways REGARDLESS of what the poll says. so i dunno what you Sasan fans are so hyped up about, Sasan doesn’t win any money…no trophy… just a feature.

    The people here aren’t worth it.
    i know you’ve been given a bad word.. but just let it go.

    If an artist isnt making hype.. then you know something is wrong with him? right?

    let the haters be your inspiration.
    What are they going to do?? nothing.. they can’t do anything here besides tell lies.
    You’re better than that.. and u know it.

    Im not taking you out… just finish it..and besides i can’t anyway. its nearly over.
    So just ignore all the Sasan/k21/j-swift fans…because they just wish they were up here instead of you.
    i picked you for a reason man.
    Don’t let these fools bring you down.

  10. I’ve just about had it with all of these false accusations.

    It seems like there are no convincing these people that I’m innocent so therefore


    I am not giving up, and i will NEVER admit to cheating, because i simply did nothing wrong.

    I’m not withdrawing because I am offended because of what people here are saying. I’m pulling out because my name is being repeatedly tarnished by slander. This site was made to promote local talent, so if people unfamiliar with my music were to come across this poll, and see that people are accusing me of being a cheater, then imagine what kind of impression i would leave on them. Not only my name, but the name of Star Central is also being thrashed here, saying that they are tipping the polls in my favor.

    So in order to save both the names of Kharisma and Star Central. I withdraw from the polls.

    I cannot believe the lack of common sense that so many of you have. I’m still behind Sasan by so many votes and yet I’m being accused of cheating. To all of my German “fans”. I hope your happy, because from what everyone have read here. Your racist and slanderous comments are giving Germany a bad image. For people that are so proud of their country, you really have left a bad impression, which is unfair on the rest of your country.

    Thank you to Eyez and Jayson of Star Central for this opportunity. I greatly appreciate it. Please consider entering me into another month for this competition where hopefully there won’t be so many childish voters. And last but not least a MASSIVE thank you to all those who voted. I never expected to be rank second amongst 4 other amazingly talented artists. I’m simply blown away by all your support and for you guys, i will continue to make song after song, hopefully getting better.

    I am NEVER going to admit that i ever cheated here, because the truth is, I NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG. So if withdrawing will keep the peace here and help Star Central’s original cause, then so be it. I’m out.

    All the best to Sasan, K-21, J-Swift and Don Valix


  11. so now you say that Kharisma is using a java script program?
    You know by saying that there is a program out there just means that you Sasan fans Know about it AND ARE MOST LIKELY USING IT!!!!! CHEATERS!!!


    You like that?!

    AND.. IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET 50 votes in 5 minutes…
    how do you explain Sasans number of votes?? its called SPAM… and having fans.. how are you getting so much votes Sasan?

    AND don’t say that because Kharisma hasn’t got enough clicks on myspace that he has no fans..and he is cheating…
    Maybe they are new songs and he just put them up there… unlike sasan who prolli just spams everyone on myspace to click on everything he posts.

    Think about it…

    So stop complaining and just the competition go … its nearly over OK!!
    then we never have to read your stupid comments every again German people.

  12. Kharisma i say to you why you cheating!!! u have in 5 minutes over 50 votes its possible? in myspace you have only 45 clicks buy your songs…. say the true… damn thats the problem no body hate you we are only fans and support our artists kharisma sorry the buissnes is hard! and with shit music is that more difficult,, sorry for my english i live in russia….


    mabye you dont cheat and your friend or some… do that for you kharismaticovizc

  13. Ok so 2 things are really starting to annoy me.

    1. I’m being accused of cheating.

    2. I’m being accused of writing my own comments.

    Firstly, if i was cheating, i would already be winning. That is pretty much common sense. I’ve never heard of anyone stupid enough to cheat just so they can achieve second place.

    Secondly, why would i sit here and waste time writing my own comments when i obviously have music to make. Keep in mind i also do have a life outside music.

    So i address this to all the fans of the other artists, and of course the other artists as well; Sasan, K-21, J-Swift and Don Valix.

    Please control your fans. This is merely just a competition that doesn’t call for bad sportsmanship. Sure I vote for myself, but i abide by the 24 hour rule. I even vote for the other artist’s too. I don’t have time to be looking for ways to cheat for a competition that doesn’t even involve prize.

    Star Central is doing its best for underground talent all around the world and its the antics of the people that go out of control that ruin it for everyone. I would go ahead and “troll” on all the people hating on me, but really, I’ve noticed this comment board only has a few voices of maturity.

    Much Respect


  14. Thank you Jason!!

    couldn’t have put it better myself.

    i Just hope people read your post and actually stop with all the harmful words.
    Thanks to all the artist for getting involved and thanks to SOME of you who have had nothing but positive words towards the artists.

    Also on behalf of Star Central

  15. It has come to our attention that StarCentral Magazine as an organization is being accused of rigging the voting polls and manipulating votes in favour of Kharisma.

    To set the records straight – these accusations are COMPLETELY FALSE and are in fact quite a RIDICULOUS notion.

    It looks like most of these accusations are actually coming from a number of Sasan fans. There’s even a specific comment above from “Sasan Fans Germany”, which clearly implies that our publication is “behind Kharisma” because he is of Filipino descent and we are all Filipinos.

    Here’s a newsflash for you: Everyone that works for StarCentral Magazine is not FILIPINO.

    And if we are indeed rigging the voting polls in favour of Kharisma as you have accused us, then shouldn’t Kharisma be #1 by now?? I think it is GLARINGLY OBVIOUS that Sasan is quite ahead out of everyone in this voting poll by hundreds of votes.

    There was a comment made just recently which said “The firm StarCentral Magazine stands behind Kharisma.” Yes we do stand behind Kharisma, but we also stand behind Sasan, K21, Don Valix and J-Swift because they are all great artists which deserves to be featured in this website that’s why they are our top 5 artists of the month.

    We note that a number of people commenting on this website have been quoting “vote manipulation” and hurling racial words towards other people – this immature act needs to cease EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. All you’re doing is giving the artist a bad name.

    These hateful and unnecessary words defeat the purpose of what this voting poll, our publication and our website is all about which is to bring awareness to people from all over the world and encourage them to come out and support their local and upcoming independent artists.

    The entertainment industry is already a really tough world to break into as it is, so instead of putting each other down we should instead be giving these artists all the support they can get.

    If, after this address you still feel that you should release some unwanted hurtful words out of spite on the artists, then please feel free to leave this website and NEVER come back.

    We are in the business of LIFTING people up not PUTTING people down.

    To all the artists, especially Kharisma who seems to have been a target of racial slurs and hateful words we apologise on behalf of the immature people who have said bad things about you.

    To Sasan, Kharisma, Don Valix, J-Swift and K21 – we wish you all the best in your future endeavours and regardless of the outcome of this poll you are all stars in our eyes and we are behind all of you 100%.

    Best Regards,

    Jayson Reynolds
    On behalf of StarCentral Magazine

  16. Man you’re all stupid aren’t you.

    with your.. swindler and manipulation talk.

    Sasan is winning and you’re still complaining..

    Even if he wins. you’re still going to complain like bitches..!!!!

    Don’t you think if Star Central was helping Kharisma , he would be at least 500 voes AHEAD of Sasan.???

    Think about losers

    And if they are Filipino, don’t you think Don would have just as many votes as Kharisma because he is Filo as well?? So don’t make us out to be racist biased.

    Without Star Central… SASAN WOULDN’T B BE UP HERE and neither would you with all your pittyful words?? So you should all be thanking this website instead of bringing it down..! but i guess you have no moral dignity and you all are a pathetic bunch of people who have poor sportsmanship who are only worthy of being annoying whiny babies.

    So stop assuming things … doesn’t matter if you don’t come back here and vote for your boyfriend/lover/husband/idol/ lover/ love slave Sasan…

    Just means that someone better will win, who deserves to win because their fans aren’t whiny babies like you.


  17. Sa lahat ng mga Sasan fans – lahat kayo mukhang pwet ng kabayo! Mga shet kayong lahat at ang mga singit niyo sing itim ng pwet ng kawali! Mang-aasar lang kayo sa german pa?? Oh tignan natin ngayon kung magtagalog naman kami.

    Kharisma is the bomb biatch so Sasan fans just bow down to his awesomeness and recognise his greatness!

    Walang masamang ginagawa yung tao sa inyo tapos nang-aasar kayo?? Magpatira kayo sa pwet mga hayop!! Hahahaha

  18. To all the illiterate and over eager J-swift, K21 and Sasan fans – You can all just get F**KED you stupid wankers!! How is Kharisma cheating when Sasan is clearly ahead by like 500 votes or something?? You’re all just giving Sasan, J-Swift and K21 a bad name with all your stupid bitching and “vote manipulation” comments! Get a life you morons and stop spending your time bitching about an artist you don’t even know! Clearly the talk of peace or truce is out of the question in this scenario. I’m just gonna get all my Filo friends now to go and vote for Kharisma everyday, and you’ll see what you’re up against you F**KED UP FAGGOTS!

    Go the Filo’s!!

  19. Hallo sasan

    Lieber grüß aus Paris,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    wir lieben dein music und deine gesang SSSSSaSan

    sasan fans

  20. Sasan, I love you ,,,,,,,,,you am more singer best composer and in the world


  21. You Sasan fans and people talking in German trying to insult Kharisma need better grammar..!!

    If you’re trying to make fun of Kharisma.. have the fuckin balls to say it in English..!!! i’ll help you out… http:///

    coz we are smart and can translate on the internet.. and if u do translate what u just wrote.. it duznt make sense…

    Kharisma isnt a shame to the music industry..

    Your a shame to the earth and to your mother and everyone and anyone who exists.. most of all.. A shame to Sasan fans..
    And Sasan.. you jsut gave him a bad rep for saying all your hateful words which aren’t called for.

    So i hope everyone thinks about what they write on here..
    Oh and….

    Look up the word Manipulation: How the hell do you manipulate on this website.. if anyone is manipulating.. it shoudl be Sasan since he is winning and over 1000 votes?.. right..
    fk wit.. and nice touch mentioning China in your comment…*clap Clap *.. hit us where it hurts…

    were not chinese..!!

    It doesn’t matter who wins out of this poll because all artists are talented ok..

    its people who like to insult others for no reason because they have no talent of their own deserve all the hate and racist and rude remarks.
    THANKS to all who are nice kind hearted people who took the time to say something nice.. you are all appreciated..

    Well done to Sasan,Kharisma,J-Swift,k21 and Don.
    All you guys are extremely talented..!
    Which is why you guys were picked to be on this website no doubt.

  22. whats up with all the hate on kharisma, stop hatin cause his better then you.


  23. dear friends, spastics , and germans.
    why all the hate? dont get yer panties in a knot , kharisma hasnt even won yet.! haha. and how does one fake votes, exactly:].. do tell, because you SUGGESTING theres a way to do it means you know EXACTLY how to cheat right? tsktsk. i spy with my little eye, poor sportsmanship and sore losers.

    tip of the day?

    let the competition take its course and quit whining about nothing.
    muchlove ! x

  24. shut the fuck up and stop being sore losers.

    everyone is entitled to their opinion on whichever artist they prefer.

    so get the fuck off kharisma’s case, he’s not cheating people just find him fascinating so deal with it.

    for fucks sake immature brats.

  25. Wow

    So much has happened on this thing since i left hahha. I have been on holidays for the past week in a completely different state, so I have not had access to the internet or a computer, for the past week. I’m am VERY surprised that I am still in second place. I know I’m not as good as the other artists on this poll, so i was expecting to be in last place when i came back home. But being away for a week, I think it’s pretty stupid to assume that I’m cheating. The system only allows one vote per 24 hours and moreso I WAS AWAY ON HOLIDAYS. I’m really flattered to still be in second place; Sasan, K-21, J-Swift and Don Valix, are all extremely talented.

    Seriously people, stop the hate. I’m not even winning. Sasan has almost double the votes that i have and by the looks of it, its due to a huge fanbase. But really, all the hateful comments and racist remarks are really uncalled for.



  26. Sasan, I love you ,,,,,,,,,you am more singer best composer and in the world

    du bist beste auf der welt giebts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ich liebe dich,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    ich werde dich immer leben,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,du bist super

    künstler sasannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  27. Kharisma fucking faker!!! don´t fake haha muhahaha you are a CHEATER kharisma your music is shit……

    vote J-Swift best rapper!!!!

  28. SASAN has this morning 1,063 selects short time after 1,043??? WHAT???? its INAPPROPRIATE!!! where are the other voices????? that is happens kharsima has this morning 621 short time later 669…. with sasan also 25 vote disappears

    sasan fans agdas müller

  29. heute morgen war vote von sasan über 1,064 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, warum yetzt ist unter ???????????????????

    das giebt doch nichts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hey kharosma du arschloch,,,,,,,

    hier hat kein sicherheit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    sasan fans

  30. Everything on this site is monitored daily. Its all fair and we would notice if something was wrong with the poll.
    We are on this site everyday more often than anyone here, so i think we would know.

  31. yo.. SASAN have 1,043???? at the morning he have 1,063?? where is the other votes??? i say it! its not a fair play…. and we are sasan fans !we look everyday on this site what happens?! and today goes the fake in a nother round…. and sasan´s votes goes down!! hello???? we go everyday on this site !!!!! what the fuck!

    hi leute bin ein großer fan von sasan verfolge das alles! heute morgen hatte sasan 1,063 votes und jetzt aufeinmal 1,043?!?! das ist betrug und darf nicht so weiter gehn! was sagt ihr dazu????
    ich mein wir gehn jeden tag für sasan auf diese seite und dann verschwinden paar votes!!! was ist das für ein scheiss!!!

    SASAN 1,063 votes short time later 1,043 ??? WHAT???? its NOT FAIR!!!

  32. No one likes people who hate on others for no reason…CALM THE FUCK DOWN

    its not like any of them are winning a record contract from this alright??
    ALL of them are all getting a feature… So Shut the hell up

    Especially SASAN and k21 fans with all your bullshit about Manipulation and shit!

    How the fuck do u manipulate on this site?? do u know what the word means..
    Obviously you don’t you illiterate fucks..
    go read a dictionary

  33. KHARISMA isn’t doing anything wrong??
    Why are you all saying shit about him??


  34. wow..

    sasan has alot of dick riders.

    Sasan… control your fans by making them just say supportive words..and not diss any other artists..

    same goes to all the k21/J-Swift/Don Valix fans

  35. Lahat ng mga SASAN tagahanga ay bitches, ikaw ang lahat ng tawanan ng iba pang mga artist dahil sa sarili mo sariling buhay ay FUCKED UP

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