Male Model of the Month for September 2013!

With his cocoa skin and piercingly seductive stare, it is no doubt that Sameer Vashishat is this month’s StarCentral Male Model. Growing up in Punjab, India the 23-year-old now lives in Melbourne and he mentioned that he has always wanted to be a model.

“I saw the images of models in magazines and billboards…or in shopping malls and they looked amazing. I realised I wanted to become a great model like them for big brands.”


With drive and inspiration behind him, Sameer decided to pursue his dream and join the modeling industry. Unsure of what to expect, he knew he had to give his all and try his hardest. Starting his career as a fitness model, he gained a position within the top five for the Australian Natural Bodybuilding Championships. He also made it to the finals at the Blush Hot Hunk 2013 competition and he was even offered a place in the L’Oreal Asia Pacific Runway show.

“After jumping into the modeling industry, I received so many opportunities.”


In five years time, Sameer hopes to dominate the Australian modeling industry; he wants to be a model for elite fashion labels on the Internet, television and across highway billboards.

Working out five to six days a week, as well as hitting the pool twice a week, he said that the hard work is worth it whenever he receives such positive feedback.

“I see the results it produces when people look at my body and say, wow!”

Sameer is also vegetarian, the buff model said he eats five to seven small meals a day and always hydrates with plenty of water, keeping his complexion clean and healthy. While he is now able to maintain a strong and muscular physique, this was not always the case. In the beginning he struggled to gain muscle while following a vegetarian diet. However, he did not let this stand in his way and took to the books to learn how to build up his body by eating vegatables and following a specific workout regime.

“I did not care if I failed, I did not listen to people who said it could not be done… I believed in myself and listened to my soul. I pushed hard and trained hard to be one of the fittest models in Australia.”

Sameer 3

While it might be hard work following a strict diet and slaving away at the gym, he said that the best part about the job is meeting new people and expanding his social network.

“The best thing about modeling is I have made so many friends, met so many people and have developed a good social network.”

This gorgeous hunk doesn’t just model though; he also studies, personal trains and has recently taken up acting.

“I started acting this year and have been in two short movies so far.”

On his downtime, which he rarely gets, he loves to play volleyball and meditate – a good way to keep himself grounded within the world of modeling!

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