Male Model of the Month for October 2013!

Having always dreamed of being a model, our Male Model of the Month, Jade Foster pursued his lifelong dream instead of waiting for it to happen. In fact he paid a total of $1000 to build a portfolio and used it to promote himself in the industry. His perseverance paid off only after a year when he got his first paying job with EMPV Modelling – a milestone he considers to be the most memorable experience of his career so far.

The cut-throat nature of the modelling industry can be disconcerting for most people but Jade uses his passion and dedication for it to keep himself motivated.

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“I love being in front of any camera. It’s very rewarding after hitting the gym and watching my diet for weeks to then spend several hours on set and enjoy the end result; flicking through all of my shots for the day and really just being satisfied with how I’ve ended up looking, and in so many various poses and diverse settings as well. It’s great! Also don’t mind being the centre of attention every now and then helps too.”

Having worked in the industry for several years already, he is no stranger to how difficult the work can be and how competitive it is just to get a job – so he just focuses on the upsides instead or wallowing in the negatives.


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“It’s very competitive and therefore, it can be very hard work. A lot of people outside of the industry just think that typically, you go to a studio, walk out in front of a camera, smile and you’re done. It’s not like that at all. Sometimes I spend hours and hours just trying to get the right shot and it’s really stressful pouring your heart into a specific setting and not getting the look you’re trying to achieve; but in the end, when I get the shot I’m super excited.”

Of course, modelling is not without its perks. He has met some interesting people like Whitney Port from The Hills whom he met and hung out with at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The industry has also taught him a lot of valuable lessons about work ethics and attitudes.


“The modelling industry is a really cut throat industry in regards to timing and attitude, as well as work ethic. The biggest lesson I have learned, is that if you’re not going to be there on time, with a positive attitude and have a positive mind frame about your shooting, then you can forget it.”

He gets his positive attitude and determination from the support of his family – especially his mom who has pushed him and motivated him towards success. His family is also the reason why he stays grounded despite the superficiality of the modelling world.


“My family and especially my fiancé have always kicked me off my pedestal after a shoot and bring me back down to reality. I don’t look for looks as a characteristic when speaking to people or making new friends. In turn, when people provide criticism, which everyone can be quick to do, I ignore all criticism against me or any model based on their appearances.” Looking towards the future, he hopes to continue to work hard and to keep doing what he loves the most: modelling.

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