Male YouTube Artist of the Month for June 2013!

They called themselves the ‘Adriatics’ and it’s not after the sea in Greece!  They are the loyal fan base of Adrian Easton, StarCentral Magazine’s YouTube Male Artist of the Month for June 2013! With both parents being impressive musical talents themselves, it is no wonder that their passion for music was passed down to the 16-year old Easton.  The Connecticut, USA-based singer of Italian/Polish descent is also a secret computer nerd!  But even that talent has been channeled into his music – into creating professional-quality music videos.  “Music is my life…I truly believe that it is the one thing in the world that makes everyone happy…”

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1. What do you enjoy most about performing?

For me, it’s all about making people happy. I love it when people are having fun and just enjoying themselves. When I am the reason that someone else is happy, it’s the best feeling in the world.


2. When did you first perform and where?

The first place I ever performed was in my elementary school talent show in kindergarten. I’ve always wanted music to be a part of my life since the beginning; I remember when I was little seeing people on stage performing and doing what they love and I knew I had to be a part of that.


3. Do you have a specific inspiration to keep performing?

My inspiration is my love of making music. I am incredibly passionate about every song that I write and everything that I do. I’m a huge perfectionist, and continuously try to further expand the quality and sound of my music. If I were to pinpoint one specific thing that continues to inspire me every day, it would be my Adriatics (my fan base)! I literally have the most supportive, amazing fan base anyone could ask for! They all make me feel like I can do anything because of their unconditional love & support for what I do! They have already made everything I’ve done worth it.

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4. What was your most memorable performance?

My most memorable performance was in Faneuil Hall in Boston. I was having just a small preview of what I usually do, and all my fans showed up. It was the most humbling experience of my life to have such a loyal fan-base come out and not only cheer, but scream and shout and turn a small promo event into the most memorable performance of my life.


5. What are your future plans for your career?  (Inside the performing industry or out of it).

I definitely want to take my music career all the way to the top. Failure doesn’t exist; it’s not an option. I’ve already succeeded because I am doing this for the right reasons and am doing what I love. Now it’s just a matter of making music that I love and that people will love, and getting it out there! I’m releasing my debut album “Mixed Signals” sometime in late June or Early July! Expect to see it on iTunes as soon as possible! Currently, my debut single “Us” is already available on iTunes!

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6. Is your family supportive of your career?

My family 100% supports what I am doing. My dad was in several rock bands in high school and is totally supportive of my love of music. My mom was also in bands and is a singer as well. I know that they would be supportive of me no matter what I wanted to do, and I know they’re already proud of what I’ve accomplished so far! My dad also helps produce and edit my songs with me and a few other professionals.

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1.     Best comfort food McDonald’s Hash browns

2.     Best pick-me-up  Sunshine and a cold Frappuccino 😀

3.     Last good movie I’ve seen  Mr. Deeds!

4.     3 most important characteristics in a person  Friendly, Down-to-Earth, and Fun-Loving!

5.     What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? Perform my music in a sold out stadium! That would be the most amazing thing!!


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