5 Things EVERY Man Should Have to Get The Hot Male Model Look


When it comes to the modelling industry, there’s no denying the fact that it really is a dog eat dog world out there. With constant criticism which is not always constructive, rejection and a plethora of competition there’s no wonder you can sometimes find yourself feeling less than fantastic in a seemingly ever-fantastic industry! But gentlemen, grab a pen and paper because below I have detailed five absolute essentials every man should have to get the male model look!

1. Moisturising Cream

It may seem a little or a lot girly to you, but trust me, there ain’t anything girly about looking after your skin. In this day and age of off the chart UV indexes and global warming there is no reason not to protect your money maker! Amazon.com has a huge range of moisturises just for men. Some of my favourites include Dove Men + Care Hydrate + Face Lotion($5.78) which includes a broad spectrum SPF, L’Oreal Paris Men’s Expert Vita Lift Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Moisturizer ($8.79) and my personal favourite pick, Nivea for Men Skin Essentials Protective Lotion, SPF 15  ($19.76 – pictured). Whilst all products are a great choice, the Nivea Lotion is packed full of goodness to keep your skin looking fresh all day and includes a light sunscreen to protect and your skin from those pesky UV rays.


2. Facial Lotion

Let’s face it, there are still millions of men out there who feel that facial lotions and creams have no place in their bathrooms. Although this may all seem girly to you, but if you really want to achieve the superstar male model good looks then looking good should be one of your priorities. Now when it comes to producing facial lotions specifically designed for men, Anthony Logistics is easily one of the best companies out there right now. It is by far the most effective product for men with skin types ranging from normal to oily. It’s actually oil-free, it’s also great for moisturizing skin, it has glycerin and aloe vera which, together with silk amino acids, helps the skin retain more moisture. If you were to use this daily you can expect your skin to become softer and less oily. If you’re interested in purchasing this product online then you can go to Amazon by clicking this link: Anthony Logistics Oil Free Facial Lotion


3. Fatigue Fighter

It is inevitable that at some point in your life you’ll have late nights, you’ll stress out about something and you won’t get enough sleep. That’s where Clarins’ Men Fatigue Fighter comes in. Clarins’ non-oily gel will instantly firm, energize and revive your tired and worn out complexion. Its non-grease, non-oil base feels absolutely soothing and pleasant. It’s the perfect blend of all the needed elements fused together using precision and science. Nothing too harsh or unpleasant. It claims to contain extracts from natural substances such as Sunflower, Bison Grass, Purslane and Chinese Galanga. Your skin will visibly and instantly look refreshed as soon as you apply it. If you’re interested in purchasing this product online then you can go to Amazon by clicking this link: Clarins Men Fatigue Fighter.


4. Shaver

Now, choosing a shaver should be a straightforward process right? Well actually, not really since there are a few things that you’ll have to consider. If you think just a regular shaver is good enough for you then you’re probably not serious about wanting to look good! First of all regular shavers will cause nicks and cuts. You wouldn’t want people to see your face with lots of cuts right? If you want a clean and proper shave then an electronic shaver is what you should be looking for. But there are lots of electronic shavers out in the market right. Which one should you get? Well the Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver is without a doubt one of the most advanced electronic shavers right now. It has features like ActiveLift, OptiFoil, and a Triple Action Cutting System that ensures that more hair is cut every time. Since you’ll mainly use this in the bathroom, it’s also washable and waterproof. You also would have no need to worry about cleaning it since it makes use of the Braun’s patented Clean & Renew System. With just one touch you’ll have the shaver cleaned, charged, lubricated and ready for use the next time you save. This feature not only saves you from exerting effort, it also saves you a lot of time.  If you’re interested in purchasing this shaver online then you can go to Amazon by clicking this link: Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver.

5. Collared Shirt

As a model, there is no doubt you are also a businessman. Any businessman needs one really fantastic shirt to impress the person you are meeting with. Whether it be a casting director, agent or panel of important persons you simply need to look the part. It will also be handy for when you’re sent to corporate/business type castings. With so many great options available on Amazon.com you could spend hours trying to find the perfect shirt. You can’t go wrong with the style and fit of The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Twill Dress Shirt($39.99) however the colour is slightly lackluster and won’t demand attention. Stone Rose Mens White Designer Shirts with Square Buttons($149.00) is a good option, however, white can be risky and doesn’t look great on screen so my choice would be the Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Spread Collar Tonal Solid Woven Shirt ($24.23 – pictured) because the colour is strong and gives off an air of certainty – exactly what you want to convey!

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