Sexiest Man Of The Month For July 2012

For StarCentral Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Month for July 2012, Daniel Berenger, being new to modeling was no hindrance. The Zimbabwe-born model only started modeling a year ago and at first, kept it a secret from his family and friends. When they “…found out that I was getting involved in acting and modeling, it came as a bit of a shock to them…” But now the secret’s out and everyone’s paying attention.

Daniel’s first professional modeling exposure was being picked to be one of ten models for Perth’s (in Western Australia) Wagin Woolorama Fashion Parade this year. The quick costume changes and that thrill of being on the catwalk was something the 23-year old “…hadn’t experienced before…” Now signed with CSA Models (a major modeling agency with 20 years industry experience), it won’t be long before that portfolio becomes more comprehensive.

Before stepping into the limelight, Daniel admits that “I have always been quite modest and seen myself as one of the crowd…” Now “…modeling has giving me a sense of self-confidence.” He also delves into the world of acting with tips from his brother, who’s been a performer for some time. “…He has been a great help in giving me the advice I needed to help me grow…” Daniel also enjoys the “diverse demographic” of individuals that he has worked with, describing it as “…an incredibly eye opening and worldly experience.”

After getting over their surprise, Daniel’s family (he is one of eight children!) are now “…my biggest supporters and help me in any way they can…” And in an industry where runaway egos are commonplace, his friends have helped him “…maintain that sense of humility.” For the full-time licensed aircraft maintenance engineer, modeling has opened the door to a new world. He plans to develop his portfolio in Perth and in the future, work and live abroad. His short time in the industry has already taught him to “…take chances…” and as some opportunities “…only come around once…”, it’s cleat that StarCentral’s ‘Sexiest Man’ will no longer be found on life’s sidelines.

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