Sexiest Man Of The Month For August 2012


The future could have been very different for Bradley Marsh. A one-time member of the Under 18 UK Gymnastics Team, he could very well be on center stage at the London Olympics right now if not for being asked to be on the cover of a sports magazine back in 2010. He “…realised how much fun a ‘staged’ photoshoot could be…” Intrigued by the prospect of modeling professionally, he did his research, got some photographs done, was rewarded with some great advice and well, now here he is…StarCentral’s Sexiest Man of the Month for August 2012!

Being an ex-gymnast and only 5’7”, Bradley knew his height meant that runway modeling was not an option for him “…which was fine because catwalk and high fashion has never really appealed to me.” So, instead he focused on fitness and commercial modeling. It was an enormously successful decision. Since the beginning of his career, he has been signed by three agencies and featured in numerous fitness magazines and commercials. He even hosts online health videos on ( One of his most memorable experiences is meeting English TV and radio presenter, Jonathan Ross this year while on a shoot for an indoor laser tag arena in London. “We got to play a few games of Lazer tag together and…..Mr Ross insisted we listen to ‘The Real Slim Shady’ repeatedly… he’s actually insane.”

For Bradley, his success was in realizing early that “…no matter what the general public tells you (you’re too tall, small, fat, thin, ethnicity, etc) YOU CAN be a model.” He quickly understood that rejections only came because his ‘look’ was not what that particular client was looking for. With that in mind, “…always try to apply to agencies that are suited to your niche, for me that was fitness…” . The 22-year old Brit and his family are realistic about the longevity of modeling but he knows that they, his girlfriend, Tanita (“…she’s my rock!”) and his mother’s colleagues at the National Health Service, will always be supporting him wholeheartedly.

Bradley Marsh…professional athlete, fitness fanatic….successful model….but he is already looking beyond the modeling industry. He hopes to use his experiences to go into marketing as well as building up “…a portfolio of clients…to catapult a personal training, nutritional and fitness career…”. With his looks, savvy and drive, it’s not a future that’s hard to imagine.

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