Sports Illustrated’s New Swimsuit Model Is 56 And She Is Scorching HOT

A 56-year-old, 5-foot-3-inch mother and entrepreneur has revealed how she feels she has reinvented herself by becoming a finalist in the Sports Illustrated Swim Search.

Kathy Jacobs from California is a 56-year-old, 5-foot-3-inch mother and entrepreneur who recently became a finalist in the Sports Illustrated Swim Search. She is was chosen out of six finalists among thousands who entered the competition.

Kathy revealed her main reason for entering the competition was to represent middle-aged women and shorter models – her photos will be featured in the July 21st edition of Sports Illustrated. According to NY Post, Kathy had to “reinvent” herself so many times. She said “I have been on the “Today” show and Rachael Ray baking and doing crafts.” Jacobs apparently appeared in a 2017 episode of Steve Harvey’s “Funderdome” competition for entrepreneurs – she was presenting her homemade skincare line Beauty Batters. Last year, Jacobs was actually working a minimum wage job at a Dry Bar just to pursue her dream.

When she spoke to Fox News back in March, Jacobs said:

“A year ago, I had just quit my minimum wage job sweeping the floor at Dry Bar and I said, I’m going to give this one last shot. I’m gonna take some headshots and send them out. And I got some modeling and acting jobs. And I won this contest in a year. I mean, it’s crazy. So anyone out there. Anyone out there that thinks that it’s too late for them. I’m here to tell them that it’s not. I’m here to tell them to believe in themselves.

“I’m here for the girls over 50 and I’m here for the petite girls. Because I just want to tell you something, the average height of a woman in America is 5-foot-4. And when they say inclusive, they don’t include us shorties. They never include us. And finally, they’re including us. And I’m just so grateful to Sports Illustrated for including us.”

Check out her stunning shot below courtesy of Sports Illustrated and Kathy’s Instagram:

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