Get To Know One Of StarCentral Magazine’s Swimsuit Models Of The Month – The Inspiring Holly Kirk

Holly Kirk is a 29-year-old freelance model who’s based in Melbourne, Australia. She sees modeling as an avenue or opportunity for growth. For her, modeling is not just about standing in front of a camera and looking pretty from being glammed up by some of the best artists Melbourne has to offer, to her, it’s actually a mindset.

All the mental challenges, self-doubts, concerns, and thoughts of “I feel like a fool… I look like a fool… am I doing this right… I know someone could be doing this better than me…” used to flood her brain every time she had a new project – this was the time when she felt most exposed and vulnerable. Eventually, she got through her fears and this for her was a massive growth and a big turning point in her life.


Three years ago she suffered from an end-stage kidney disease which turned her whole life upside down in a single day. On that life-changing day, she woke up in typical fashion; she went to work, hit her PB’s (personal best) at the gym, but shockingly by lunchtime she found herself being rushed into ICU barely conscious and fighting for her life. This was all thanks to a severe case of “Bali belly” which somehow turned into a life-threatening autoimmune disease.

To cut a long story short – she eventually had a kidney transplant thanks to her amazing dad two years ago, and since then getting in front of the camera felt like a massive humiliation for her – but she knew she had to overcome this hurdle. She figured that she could no longer live her life in fear and vulnerability, she used to question her every step – it was mentally and emotionally deliberating. Wondering if her life was failing because of this illness. Modeling for her wasn’t all glitz and glam anymore, it was challenging her mental state – she was learning about herself, improving herself and hopefully silently inspiring others.

Stepping into a swimsuit and being photographed for the first time post this difficult moment in her life was initially embarrassing for Holly, she even felt that posting the photo was embarrassing and terrifying as well – but somehow it was also liberating. She felt that in order to grow, one must step out of their comfort zone – that’s when the magic finally happens.

Now, stepping into a skimpy cheeky cut swimsuit, she’s proud of what she has overcome. she feels liberated and honoured that she once again gets the opportunity to live and breathe another day and show people that just because you aren’t considered ‘a perfect fit’ or the ‘perfect standard’ in whatever industry you’re in or goal you’re trying to achieve – perseverance, courage, and passion will win in the end. She now lives by the mantra “Believe in yourself and never give up on your goals!”

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