One On One With Miss Earth Australia Water 2020 Karyn Xie

Please tell us 3 fun facts about yourself.

I am 22 years old and I grew up in Sydney. I recently graduated from university with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours, and now hold a graduate position working in the industry. Here are three fun facts about me: My hobbies include reading, swimming, and volleyball, my favourite TV show is Better Homes and Gardens and my final year honours thesis addressed issues affecting Canberra’s waste management, which encouraged me to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle choice.

Tell us about your advocacy.

I believe that the most serious issue affecting our environment is a lack of effective waste management. I also believe that the best way to respond to environmental issues is education. This is because when people are educated, they feel accountable for their actions and are also empowered to make better decisions for our environment.

Why did you decide to join Miss Earth Australia?

I joined Miss Earth Australia as a challenge to myself as an engineering student to try something new and to combine this with my passion for sustainability.

Can you give a summary of your reign last year?

Becoming Miss Earth Australia Water has been a fantastic conversation starter with friends and family about how their actions are impacting the environment. As Miss Earth Australia Water I supported events including a concert to fundraise for the Black Summer bushfires, and also the Adhika International Women’s Day Gala. I’ve also enjoyed being a part of online Q&As during social distancing.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I have learned a lot as Miss Earth Australia Water 2019, and being offered the opportunity to continue my reign in 2020 will allow me to build upon my advocacy in my profession, as there is significant potential in the construction industry to make a widespread change that will benefit the environment.

Any other information you want to add about yourself?

Thank you to my friends and family for their continued support. I’m particularly encouraged by my experience with Miss Earth Australia, which affirms that beauty queens are no longer simply outwardly beautiful, but are passionate and educated women who are qualified to make a change within their community.

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