Rising Star Spotlight: Find Out More About Susana Downes

Susana Downes has always been a big fan of pageants but she didn’t really get into them until back in 2015. After watching the Miss Philippines-Australia 2013 pageant, she thought she could do a pretty good job joining it, but she wanted to wait until she finished her Bachelor’s Degree (which she eventually completed in 2014). She entered her first pageant, Miss Philippines-Australia in 2015 and ended up winning Miss Popularity and the Miss Charity Queen Australia title.

A driving force is what accentuates your resilience to remain committed through the hurdles of any given profession. Beauty pageantry is one highly competitive industry, hence it is not lacking in such hurdles. Susana’s love for pageantry is her reason for her sticking to it through thick and thin. It’s the opportunity to go on stage and express herself – passion and advocacy is her biggest take-home dividend.

Susana has admitted that she actually comes to understand herself through her struggles in pageantry. Her forte is her ability to get out of her comfort zone to develop herself, concerning the problem at hand. She keeps herself grounded by sticking to an amazing workout routine, eating clean and healthy food, and surrounding herself with supportive people that encourage her every day, like her parents, her partner, and friends.

Luckily, the Downes family has been nothing short of supportive for their daughter. Always providing her with the moral, physical, and financial support she needed especially during her early competitions.

Traveling the world as an international beauty queen has given Susana the opportunity to network with diverse people. This gives her the platform to meet new and amazing connections both locally and internationally. She has been able to form long term friendships out of these acquaintances which she is thankful for.

Susana Downes is definitely fast becoming a household name in the pageantry industry. This is due to the impact she has had on the global stage and her advocacy. We can’t wait to see how Susana is going to use her platform to further promote her advocacy.

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