Meet One Of StarCentral Magazine’s 2020 Covergirl Finalists: The Beautiful Brielle Paludetto

Brielle is a woman who is fueled by her zest for life. She is witty and bubbly and always loves to laugh, living in each moment with passion and excitement. She is someone who is determined, focused, and thrives on achieving their personal best. Brielle is punctual, hard-working, dedicated, and enthusiastic with a high sense of commitment and passion for life and making a difference in whichever way plausible. One of the ways she tries to make a difference is by being a model which is a growing passion of hers. She has been modelling for a year but has always wanted to make a difference and set an example for younger generations. She believes that regardless of your race, body shape, sexuality, or height, you are beautiful – WE are all beautiful.

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