Meet One Of StarCentral Magazine’s 2020 Covergirl Finalists: The Beautiful Ashlee Jolliffe

Ashlee Jolliffe is a creative, driven young woman with a huge heart and an effervescent personality. Having been raised on a sheep/wheat farm in rural NSW, Ashlee has learned that hard work and determination is a key element to success.

Having a compassionate and caring nature, Ashlee undertakes her role as a special needs child care educator with great passion and commitment. Her main goal is for every child to have equality and inclusion.

Working through her own trauma, after the loss of her older brother in a car accident, Ashlee aspires to empower others to see that negative situations don’t need to control our lives and we can learn to manage through a positive mindset to enjoy the future.

As Ashlee has always had an interest in fashion and modelling, she has been using this platform to show that confidence and commitment to herself have enabled her to rediscover her own self-worth.

Having such diverse life experiences at a young age Ashlee endeavours to make the most of every opportunity that comes her way and accepts that life is what you make it.

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