Meet One Of StarCentral Magazine’s 2020 Covergirl Finalists: The Beautiful Georgia Roper

Georgia Roper is a contemporary singer, musician, and model currently studying at the Australian Institute of Music (Sydney). Georgia developed an early interest in the performing arts and has pursued her passion for singing, music, dance, and modelling over the past 15 years through extensive education and performance opportunities in Australia and overseas. Georgia is at her best in front of an audience whether as a vocalist, dancer, or model. As a singer, she has had broad and varied experience in a live performance in both solo acts and as a member of a band. She has a large repertoire of songs across a range of genres, is able to self-accompany on the piano, and also writes her own songs. As a model, she has worked with modelling agencies and photographers and has acted as an ambassador for a number of fashion brands. She is expressive, energetic, loves people, loves fashion, and thrives on pursuing new challenges and opportunities. Georgia is a confident and creative individual with an active social media presence determined to make her mark and succeed in a career in the performing arts industry.

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