Meet One Of StarCentral Magazine’s 2020 Covergirl Finalists: The Beautiful Paige Tonkin

Paige Tonkin is a motivated, bubbly, and caring 17 years old who is currently studying for her H.S.C.

Paige has always been fascinated by watching the beautiful models and actors on television and has dreamed of one day making a name for herself.

It was at the age of 14 when her dream was kick-started and she was scouted and taken to Las Vegas for a talent and runway show. This amazing experience made Paige completely fall in love with the industry and has made her even more determined to succeed.

When Paige isn’t working the camera or the runway you will find her coaching Aerial Silks, Aerial Lyra, and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics at the local gym.

Paige’s strong work ethic is demonstrated in everything that she does and she knows that by chasing your dreams, success is only footsteps away.


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