The Ultimate Covergirl Competition 2020: And the Winner Is…

Twelve stunning women vied for a single title on Sunday, December 20, 2020, and the event turned out to be a smashing success!

The Ultimate Covergirl Competition grand finals night went down at the grand ballroom in Four Seasons Hotel Sydney during the 2020 Australian Modelling and Fashion Awards. This year’s cream of the crop consisted of Chantelle Marie, Brielle Paludetto, Ashlee Jolliffe, Paris Raine, Georgia Roper, Madison Croft, Cali Lloyd, Heather Varcoe, Paige Tonkin, Sanzida Aktar, Alice Yoo, and Bianca Miranda.

Following a two-hour showdown of Victoria’s Secret costumes, stunning gowns, swimwear, and street styles, here’s how things turned out for this year’s hopefuls…

From the left to right (Photo Credit: James Mao):

Bianca Miranda

– Fourth Runner up
– People’s Choice Award
– Maxim Magazine’s Choice

Paige Tonkin

– Second runner up

Paris Raine

– Ultimate Covergirl Winner
– Best in Costume

Madison Croft

– First runner up

Ashlee Jolliffe

– Third runner up

Congratulations to StarCentral Magazine’s CEO Mike Ilagan, Stargazers Productions CEO Juliet De Leon, and MS Entertainment Network’s CEO for pulling off an amazing night, and hats off to the entire AMFA crew which consisted of Elmer Baylon, Mikoi, and Joy Duca – it was an amazing effort at a spectacular venue. Congratulations also to all the beautiful ladies and best of luck to StarCentral Magazine’s next Covergirl Paris Raine!

Photo Credit: Victor Hawk

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