Introducing The Women Behind The Latest Cover of StarCentral Australia: The Top 30 Most Beautiful Models In Australia

Unlike other magazines such as Who, People, or FHM, StarCentral Magazine is not the sort of outlet that you’d come to in search of a list of the sexiest, most desirable, or most beautiful celebrities in the world. StarCentral Magazine’s sole purpose is to promote local talents and up and coming models from all over the world. It is our aim to promote the overlooked, the untapped, and the undervalued as well as the hottest upcoming models and talents out there that deserve to be recognized. We now present to you our very own hotlist – welcome to StarCentral magazine’s top 30 most beautiful models in Australia!

Stephanie Hunt

Being a model can be difficult, often requiring people to make tough sacrifices. However, it can also prove to be a highly rewarding experience. For Stephanie Hunt, modeling has allowed her to travel around the world, get involved with high profile names such as Guess, Revlon, designer Melba Aros, Lady Jayne, Toscow Jewelery, celebrity hairstylist, David Babaii and magazines such as Camilla, RUSSH, Cosmopolitan, and FTV as well as meet a lot of interesting new people.

Alana Quartly

Alana Quartly is currently represented by Royalle Modelling and she has been modelling for about 6 years now. Her number one modelling job would have to be when she modelled for YSL. She believes a dolphin perfectly describes her personality because she can be playful, friendly, a bit of a show-off, and be seen to not have a care in the world. But when work needs to be done, she’s intelligent and she knows how to make things work in her “current” (get it, it’s a sea joke) situation.

Charlotte Young

Charlotte Young is currently under the management of Royalle Modelling and she has been modelling on and off for about approximately 7-9 years now. With dance being her background, for her, the modelling gigs for music videos have been the most fun. But one of her favourites was for the Hey Stacey campaign. It was 2 days of shooting with an amazing team and she even got to be a fiery redhead! She’s loyal, spiritual, caring, and gentle until you drive her to the point that she needs to defend herself or her herd.

Chanelle Monique

Chanelle Monique is currently with Royalle Modelling and she started modeling when she was at the university for some extra money. She has been modeling full time for the last 2 years. It’s so hard for her to choose one modelling job that stands out because each job brings new experiences, wonderful people and beautiful places. There are so much creativity and innovation in the ideas. With each job, you grow as a model and a creative. Although she did do a job for a safari company in Zambia, and that was pretty special.

Laura Bland

Laura Bland is a 20-year-old athlete. She was originally born and raised in Paris, France but she is now based in Gold Coast, Queensland – she currently holds a Double Bachelor Degree in Business and Psychology. In addition to her academic life, she represented the Australian Team in Volleyball in 2017 and the Queensland teams years prior. She has 4 years of experience in the modeling industry, specialising in commercial, print, swimwear, fitness, and runway. She also placed top 15 in the Queensland State Finalist for Miss World Australia.

Katrina Chantelle Rasenberger

Katrina Chantelle Rasenberger is signed with Royalle Modelling Agency and she has been modelling for 5 years now. She did her first professional photoshoot back in 2015. She wanted to begin modelling years earlier, however, she didn’t have the confidence to pursue it. Her favourite modelling job so far definitely has to be when she had a modelling job during Paris Fashion Week. She modelled many beautiful dresses on the streets of Paris. Never did she imagine she would get an opportunity to model in such an iconic city.

Dasha Gerasimova

Dasha Gerasimova is 21 years of age and she models for Royalle Modelling in Sydney. Her most sacred experience would have to be a video shoot at Tempe Studios where she gained so much knowledge, tips, and tricks that she can use for future jobs as well as shooting with Eddy Ming. She believes a rabbit perfectly describes her personality the best out of all animals, funny enough it being her animal of the zodiac. Just like these cute little creatures, she’s super chill when she’s in the zone, but becomes fun and crazy, and suddenly has this huge burst of energy when introduced in new spaces to meet new people. Smart and witty, she grasps onto new information very fast and adapts to all situations very quickly. She loves mental stimulation and tends to get bored when she’s not working or trying out something new. She pushes herself to not give up, even when times are tough.

Bianca Ljubenkov

Bianca Ljubenkov has been modelling for about 6 months for Royalle Modelling, and her number 1 modelling job so far would have to be the gig for Byron Bay Essentials because she feels that shoot was a fun and easy shoot.

Beth Walkemeyer

Beth Walkemeyer is 26 years old and she has been a full-time freelance model and traveler for the past two years. She’s passionate about the ocean, conscious living, and forever striving to be someone that can make a positive difference in the world no matter how big or small. She’s also very passionate about supporting organisations that rescue kids from trafficking. Her love for the ocean, surfing, and daily adventures is what got her into swimwear modeling and now she’s spreading her wings and making her way into the fashion and commercial world. She loves food so you can always find her close by to an acai bowl, a good coffee, ramen, or french fries.

Bree Philipson

Bree Philipson is currently with Royalle Modelling and she has been presenting and modelling professionally for 8 years. Her most memorable jobs have been being featured in Vogue and an international ad campaign for Brita Water. She has always felt an affection for turtles as they represent peace, determination, and serenity. She’s determined to complete any task or obstacle presented to her but also approaches situations with kindness and empathy to strive for peace.

Nadine Bishay

Nadine Bishay currently models for Royalle Modelling and she has been modelling now for about 2 years. There are so much creativity and passion in every shoot she does so she can’t decide which modelling gig she actually considers as her number 1. It’s not the job for her, it’s the people and the art! She also thinks that the animal that describes her best is a tiger because she’s fierce and elegant at the same time.

Anna Gorbunova

Anna Gorbunova currently models for Royalle Modelling and she started her modelling career in Russia almost 10 years ago. She can definitely think of a few projects she would consider memorable, one of them was her campaign shoot for Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour. She believes a wolf perfectly describes her personality because it’s highly determined to pursue its goals, always protects its loved ones, and also takes care of its family, however, – it gets violent if attacked. The wolf is a fair predator and like the wolf, she’s always passionate about her family and friends and maintains lifelong bonds.

Andrea Echeverri

Andrea Echeverri is an actor, model, influencer, photographer, singer, and TV presenter. She studied Film and TV at Central TAFE in Perth, Western Australia and she’s the owner and founder of Golden by AE. handmade jewelry.

Janade Joy Rayner

Janade Joy Rayner has been modelling since she was 16 years old; it all started when she helped a friend who was training to be a makeup artist and she helped shoot one of her looks. From there she continued to model freelance in Perth up until she was about 19 when she moved to Sydney for more opportunities. She signed with Royalle Modelling when she moved to Sydney and she has been with them ever since.

Viktorija Daukantaite

Viktorija Daukantaite currently models for Royalle Modelling and she has been modelling now for upwards of seven years. Her favourite modelling job so far was when she modelled in the Milan Showroom for the brand “Love Moschino”. She feels that getting the chance to travel and meet so many incredible people makes her job as a model worth more than anyone could describe and she’s grateful for the opportunity. The animal that best describes her would be the eagle. She believes the eagle expresses her spirit of excellence and adventure. Eagles love to move, to see, and to experience. This is similar to her as her natural desire is to experience as much of the beauty and adventure that life has to offer.

Isabella Rose Valentini

Isabella Rose Valentini has been modelling for around 4 years now for Royalle Modelling and her number one modelling job would have to be when she travelled to Shanghai for the International Beauty Expo. She also feels that the animal that describes her best is a dog because she’s loyal, playful, bubbly, and she gets easily excited over small things – she’s also known for taking good naps.

Vlada Didenko

Vlada Didenko has been a professional model since she was 16 years old, she has been modeling for over 12 years already around the world. She’s currently with Royalle Modelling. She started her career in China and became a successful model over there for 10 years. Some of her top modelling jobs that got world recognition were the Timberland campaign and Blunt Umbrellas TVC campaign as well as various projects for several other high-profile Chinese brands that wouldn’t be famous over here in Australia.

Charlisse Cronin

Charlisse Cronin is originally from a small town south of Western Australia. Three years ago she moved to Perth, Western Australia to better her career and have a wider mindset on life, and to do what she’s really passionate about. She’s currently 21 years old and she has been a freelance model for about 6 years now. She has never walked into a modelling agency before as she used to be afraid she wasn’t tall enough – but that’s all history now. She’s currently a brand ambassador for Kerastase and Maurice Meade and she considers her biggest achievement being featured on an Australian wide advertisement, modeling for Maurice Meade, and being asked to walk in the Perth Fashion Festival.

Caitlin Nilon

Caitlin Nilon is currently 18 years old and represented by Royalle Modelling. She has been modelling for 2 years and her number 1 modelling job would have to be a campaign for Kevin Murphy Australia. She also thinks that an animal that best describes her is a puppy – full of energy and love for life with a good appetite, and fond of naps.

Yuan Lin

Yuan Lin is an experienced model/influencer who’s always organised and who always tries to put in 110% in anything she does. She’s got 2 years’ experience in catwalk, TVC’s and the fashion industry in general. She’s currently studying at the University of Sydney and she loves sports, music, and travel.

Melanie Deyla

Melanie Deyla is signed with Royalle Modelling Agency and she has been modelling for 3 years now. Her number 1 modelling job would have to be the Hey Stacey hair shoot. She believes that the animal that best describes her is a monkey because she’s always very energetic and loves to have fun.

Amie Akers

Amie Akers hails from the East Coast of Australia. She has spent a lot of time in rural areas and she began weightlifting 2 years ago. After shredding 18 kilos, she has dreamt to compete in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, in the bikini division. Modelling is something she has recently taken up, she enjoys the whole composition behind the shoot, from start to finish. When she was younger she always wanted to be a model but she never had the confidence to actually try, it’s something she regrets and she wishes she never held back. She also wants to inspire other women to be free and confident, in their voice and their bodies.

Oksana Kuchma

Oksana Kuchma is with Royalle Modelling and she was born in the year of the Metal Horse. She’s brave, secure, and up-front. She loves her independence but has a lovely caregiving personality. Family and friends play a large role in her life. Sometimes she can be sensitive and get upset thinking about the world, especially the rapid changes in nature. She’s a creative and good innovator with attention to detail at work.

Natasha Anderson

Natasha Anderson is a 25-year-old model who originally hails from a small town in Newfoundland. She’s currently working as a safety advisor in Fort McMurray. She’s a sun worshiper and her favourite place to spend time is the beach. She’s extremely bubbly and optimistic and she enjoys everything outdoor-related from hunting and fishing to hiking and gardening. She loves spending time with her family and friends and she’s very excited to see all the joy the rest of her life will bring.

Natasha McFarland

Natasha McFarland has been modelling for almost 2 years for Royalle Modelling and her number one modelling job so far would be being involved in the Meshki Campaign because it’s a company she has been wanting to work with for a while.

Chantelle Louise Hall

Chantelle Louise Hall is a passionate, outgoing, and bubbly model. She’s currently working as a Metallurgist Laboratory assistant in a copper mine in Cloncurry. She’s an emerging model and she was also a Miss World Australia State finalist for Queensland. Her hobbies include hanging out with her family and friends, driving her Jeep @tiffy_on_the_move, and playing with her puppy Lola. She also enjoys going to the gym and going to the city. She lives in a small country town called Tolga in Far North Queensland and she believes in taking every opportunity she can to better herself and learn.

Kymberlee Street

Growing up, Kymberlee Street has always been fascinated by the modelling world. She initially got her foot in the modelling industry when she was scouted by an agent back in 2017. From there she entered her first beauty pageant and she ended up getting crowned Miss Philippines Australia 2017. This win took her on a journey of self-development and boosted her confidence, opening up many doors and opportunities in the industry. She began doing more runways and photoshoots and continued to work hard and push herself out there, appreciating every moment. Kymberlee is currently represented by Royalle Modelling.

Evelyn Casandra Ellis

Evelyn Casandra Ellis is currently represented by Royalle Modelling and she has been modelling for 3 years now. She enjoys every shoot equally so it’s hard for her to pick just 1 modelling job that really stands out for her. However, she loves animals so it would have to be when there was a snake on set for a QP magazine shoot. She also feels that the animal that describes her best would have to be a Honey Badger because it’s such a cute, sweet, innocent-looking animal but in reality an actual badass. Small but strong!

Lili Ford

Lili Ford is an 18-year-old model who lives South of Sydney. She has been modeling for about a year now and she absolutely loves it. Over this time she has worked with multiple brands and photographers, however, her goal is to model overseas. She’s currently in her first year of university studying Bachelor of Social Science and she hopes to one day work in a field helping children. She has always been passionate about helping people, and although she’s not completely sure what she wants to do yet – she knows that she wants to help and care for others.

Gael Nicole Cameron

Gael Nicole Cameron currently models for Royalle Modelling and she has been modelling more seriously for just over 2 years. During this time she’s had the pleasure of working with so many amazing brands. However, the biggest international brand she has worked with would still probably be Panasonic. She would be best described as a wolf. Often misunderstood as she can seem very confident and guarded at first glance. However, once you get to know her you’ll find that she’s actually quite friendly, sociable, and really protective of anyone that shows her love and kindness.

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