StarCentral Magazine’s Top 50 Most Beautiful Women In The World 2020

StarCentral Magazine has finally compiled a list of the top 50 most beautiful women in the world – these are women who have made an impact for the year 2020. Let’s face it, being beautiful isn’t just about outside appearance or hiring a good stylist. These women are active in social media, they are savvy as they are beautiful – these women are actresses, singers, models, and bona fide entrepreneurs. Our annual round-up of the most beautiful women in the world aren’t just pretty faces – they are also women with substance. So without further ado, here’s the list of these most beautiful women who have worked hard to get to where they stand today.

50. Yuan Lin

Yuan Lin is an experienced model/influencer who’s always organised and who always tries to put in 110% in anything she does. She’s got 2 years’ experience in catwalk, TVC’s and the fashion industry in general. She’s currently studying at the University of Sydney and she loves sports, music, and travel.


49. Sasha Sander

Sasha Sander is a stunning Instagram model and a news producer for a station in St. Louis, Missouri. She started her Instagram account (sasha_emiri) two years ago and now she has over 85,000 followers. Her personal mission in life is to live it to the fullest and help people along the way.

48. Caitlin Nilon

Caitlin Nilon is currently 18 years old and represented by Royalle Modelling. She has been modelling for 2 years and her number 1 modelling job would have to be a campaign for Kevin Murphy Australia. She also thinks that an animal that best describes her is a puppy – full of energy and love for life with a good appetite, and fond of naps.


47. Kaitlin Marianelli

Kaitlin Marianelli may look stunning on the outside – but she also has brains to match her beautiful face and toned body. Her field of study is in fact Nanomaterials Engineering, and she eventually wants to work in fields such as tech, robotics, or aerospace. She was initially discovered by her agency via Instagram while she was doing her Master’s degree. She immediately signed with them after graduating and for the next 2 years after that, she lived in Asia, getting signed with other agencies in Hong Kong and Japan.

46. Amy Everett

Modeling is something Amy Everett has always been extremely passionate about and interested in. She has completed an event in Sydney at the end of 2019 which made her desire to be apart of the industry even stronger. Since then she has completed a couple of photoshoots to build her experience and learn as much as possible.

45. Hannah Sentinella

Hannah is a friendly and easy-going person. She loves sharing her passion for travel through pictures taken all around the world, which she posts on her influential Instagram account. She is an up-and-coming model, relatively new to the modeling scene but already having amassed a total of over 70k followers across her social media platforms. Having traveled so much, Hannah is very comfortable in a bikini and is always ready for an impromptu bikini shoot. In her spare time, Hannah is an all-star cheerleader, currently holding a regional champion title. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Hannah has continued to pursue her love for modeling through various photoshoots in her back garden.

44. Nadine Bishay

Nadine Bishay currently models for Royalle Modelling and she has been modelling now for about 2 years. There are so much creativity and passion in every shoot she does so she can’t decide which modelling gig she actually considers as her number 1. It’s not the job for her, it’s the people and the art! She also thinks that the animal that describes her best is a tiger because she’s fierce and elegant at the same time.

43. Minki Minna

Minki Minna is a 19-year-old model who hails from Gold Coast Australia. She’s a surfer, singer-songwriter, and part-time bikini and fashion model. She loves spending time at the beach and going on hiking adventures with her friends. She also enjoys art as a hobby and in fact, some of her works have been displayed in galleries.


Photo Credit: Russell Baer

42. Bahara Golestani

Multi-faceted actor Bahara Golestani is definitely the new fresh face to watch on the new season of NBC’s smash hit series “This Is Us.” A graduate of the world-renowned Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre, Golestani is best known for her roles in TNT’s “Animal Kingdom,” Jason Koch-directed indie film Beneath The Black Veil and Michael Bay’s blockbuster film 6 Underground.

41. Natasha Anderson

Natasha Anderson is a 25-year-old model who originally hails from a small town in Newfoundland. She’s currently working as a safety advisor in Fort McMurray. She’s a sun worshiper and her favourite place to spend time is the beach. She’s extremely bubbly and optimistic and she enjoys everything outdoor-related from hunting and fishing to hiking and gardening. She loves spending time with her family and friends and she’s very excited to see all the joy the rest of her life will bring.

40. Georgia Roper

Georgia Roper is a contemporary singer, musician, and model currently studying at the Australian Institute of Music (Sydney). Georgia developed an early interest in the performing arts and has pursued her passion for singing, music, dance, and modelling over the past 15 years through extensive education and performance opportunities in Australia and overseas. Georgia is at her best in front of an audience whether as a vocalist, dancer, or model. As a singer, she has had broad and varied experience in a live performance in both solo acts and as a member of a band. She has a large repertoire of songs across a range of genres, is able to self-accompany on the piano, and also writes her own songs. As a model, she has worked with modelling agencies and photographers and has acted as an ambassador for a number of fashion brands. She is expressive, energetic, loves people, loves fashion, and thrives on pursuing new challenges and opportunities. Georgia is a confident and creative individual with an active social media presence determined to make her mark and succeed in a career in the performing arts industry.

39. Lilly Douse

Lilly Douse is a science graduate who currently works as a model and sports presenter. She’s extremely active and outgoing; she loves running and working out, as well as partying with friends because she believes that life is all about balance. She also enjoys traveling – although she’s stuck at home just like everyone else who’s in quarantine right now, so she can’t wait to get back to traveling with her work and hopefully do some more swimwear shoots.


38. Jamie Villamor

Jamie Villamor admits that she has always been a bit of a tomboy. She had two brothers and five uncles growing up so she was never really into any girly stuff. She loves sports and being outdoors and in fact, she started training in Tae-Kwon-Do when she was just five years old. She eventually earned her second-degree black belt at the age of 13 and ultimately she became a Tae-Kwon-Do world champion! She also got offered her first modeling job right after she won her first national title.

37. Kymberlee Street

Growing up, Kymberlee Street has always been fascinated by the modelling world. She initially got her foot in the modelling industry when she was scouted by an agent back in 2017. From there she entered her first beauty pageant and she ended up getting crowned Miss Philippines Australia 2017. This win took her on a journey of self-development and boosted her confidence, opening up many doors and opportunities in the industry. She began doing more runways and photoshoots and continued to work hard and push herself out there, appreciating every moment. Kymberlee is currently represented by Royalle Modelling.

36. Charlisse Cronin

Charlisse Cronin is originally from a small town south of Western Australia. Three years ago she moved to Perth, Western Australia to better her career and have a wider mindset on life, and to do what she’s really passionate about. She’s currently 21 years old and she has been a freelance model for about 6 years now. She has never walked into a modelling agency before as she used to be afraid she wasn’t tall enough – but that’s all history now. She’s currently a brand ambassador for Kerastase and Maurice Meade and she considers her biggest achievement being featured on an Australian wide advertisement, modeling for Maurice Meade, and being asked to walk in the Perth Fashion Festival.

35. Stanislava Tsvetkova

Stanislava Tsvetkova is a 27-year-old model who originally hails from Bulgaria but is currently based in the UK. She started modeling at the age of 10 years old and she has not looked back ever since. She’s done several shoots for various online clothing websites and she also has a number of projects coming up.

34. Janade Joy Rayner

Janade Joy Rayner has been modelling since she was 16 years old; it all started when she helped a friend who was training to be a makeup artist and she helped shoot one of her looks. From there she continued to model freelance in Perth up until she was about 19 when she moved to Sydney for more opportunities. She signed with Royalle Modelling when she moved to Sydney and she has been with them ever since.

33. Katy Ansari

Katy is a 26-year-old model who hails from Leeds, UK. She works as a Finance and Accounting Recruitment Consultant and partakes in freelance modelling and film – modelling is her passion. She loves fitness and running – in fact, she’s currently training for the Paris Marathon this year. She competed in Miss Swimsuit UK where she came first in the heats and overall runner-up in the finals.

32. Uyanga Boldbaatar

Uyanga Boldbaatar has always wanted to become a doctor since childhood and her mother has been by her side since day one helping her to achieve her childhood dream. To achieve this dream, she studied Oral and Maxillofacial surgery in Mongolia, Korea, and the USA, and in 2013, she finally opened her beauty clinic in Mongolia as the culmination of all her hard work. Fast forward to today and Uyanga is now the founder of Cinderella beauty clinic – a clinic that performs cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical treatments and is currently one of the top clinics in Mongolia. Besides being an accomplished entrepreneur, Uyanga also happens to be a model and in fact, she is one of the brand ambassadors for the luxurious OOGII brand.

31. Andrea Echeverri

Andrea Echeverri is an actor, model, influencer, photographer, singer, and TV presenter. She studied Film and TV at Central TAFE in Perth, Western Australia and she’s the owner and founder of Golden by AE. handmade jewelry.

30. Keara Lydon

Keara Lydon is a 22-year-old personal trainer. She owns KearaFitness which is an in-home and company on-site Personal Training company. Keeping fit and helping others get in shape is her absolute passion. She was supposed to compete in her very first bikini fitness competition this year but it was unfortunately canceled due to the Coronavirus. She is now planning to focus on competing in the next one. In her free time she’s a freelance model, she especially loves bikini and fitness clothing shoots.

29. Guinette Lopez

Guinette Lopez was originally born in Venezuela, Margarita Island but she is presently living in Canada. She has always been close to the sea all her life so she feels that the ocean is a part of her life. She started modeling at a young age and she loves taking part in various runway shows showing the beautiful creations of fashion designers from all over the world. She speaks Spanish and English and she loves music – she recently started playing guitar.

28. Viktorija Daukantaite

Viktorija Daukantaite currently models for Royalle Modelling and she has been modelling now for upwards of seven years. Her favourite modelling job so far was when she modelled in the Milan Showroom for the brand “Love Moschino”. She feels that getting the chance to travel and meet so many incredible people makes her job as a model worth more than anyone could describe and she’s grateful for the opportunity. The animal that best describes her would be the eagle. She believes the eagle expresses her spirit of excellence and adventure. Eagles love to move, to see, and to experience. This is similar to her as her natural desire is to experience as much of the beauty and adventure that life has to offer.

27. Chelsie Fitzharris

Chelsie Fitzharris is an actor, model, and dancer who loves performing on stage and is very passionate about dance.

26. Chantelle Marie

Chantelle Marie is a genuine and creative woman with a bubbly personality and warm heart, she is hardworking and comes from a corporate background as well as beauty although a big passion of hers lies within fashion and modelling. Chantelle aspires to motivate and empower other women to embrace their natural beauty, flaws, and all as each person comes in different unique shapes, sizes, and colour. She herself does not fit the stereotypical model requirements however believes self-love and confidence are key, as everyone is beautiful in their own way! It is such a privilege for her to be a part of an industry that accepts versatility and is constantly evolving. Chantelle was recently asked to open the runway at Sydney’s Best Dressed event on behalf of Modelle Academy with no previous stage experience and was chosen as the October Model of the month by her agency. It is her goal to continually learn & grow. Dream, Believe and you will achieve!


25. Lydia Bielen

Lydia Bielen is a stunning model who hails from Georgia, USA. She grew up in a small town with her mother, her 2 sisters, and her grandparents. She was a teenager waitressing at a restaurant in her home town when she was first discovered. An agent came in to eat, saw her, gave her a business card, and said to call them and she was assured that she would never work in a restaurant again – the rest you can say is history.

24. Jarry Lee

Jarry Lee is a successful self-made entrepreneur and influencer who changed careers from journalism to entertainment and created a highly lucrative social media business empire for herself. Jarry has a following of over 750,000+ across her verified social media channels and appeared as herself on the Netflix show Dating Around (season 1), and in commercials for AT&T, Dr. Brandt Skincare, and various L’Oréal brands. As a model and actor, she has worked with Maybelline, Lancôme, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Revlon, Apple, Google, Ben & Jerry’s, Nike, and other companies.

She has been featured in VOGUE Italia, POPSUGAR, Mic, Elite Daily, NY Daily News, AM New York, Authority Magazine, The New York Times, Cliché Magazine, Thrive Global, TMS, MESS Magazine, MOVER Magazine, and many other publications.

Jarry has a following of 700,000+ on Instagram and 35,000+ on TikTok, and 350,000+ streams on Spotify, and has done social media campaigns for Clinique, Giorgio Armani Beauty, ASICS, Olay, AT&T, NYX Cosmetics, KISS Beauty Products, ModCloth, and other fashion/beauty, fitness, and lifestyle brands.


23. Katie Postl

Katie Postl started modeling at the tender age of 7-years-old. Her mother owned a promotional modeling company and there was this one time when one of her clients needed a kid model, but since her mother never worked with kids she had a bit of a problem. Enter Katie – she stepped in and auditioned for the role and she easily landed the part. She was only about 7-years-old at that time and she already achieved her first magazine cover – which is a big milestone for any emerging models. Eventually, Katie was signed by a modeling agency and thus, her modeling career began.

22. Laura Bland

Laura Bland is a 20-year-old athlete. She was originally born and raised in Paris, France but she is now based in Gold Coast, Queensland – she currently holds a Double Bachelor Degree in Business and Psychology. In addition to her academic life, she represented the Australian Team in Volleyball in 2017 and the Queensland teams years prior. She has 4 years of experience in the modeling industry, specialising in commercial, print, swimwear, fitness, and runway. She also placed top 15 in the Queensland State Finalist for Miss World Australia.

21. Evelyn Casandra Ellis

Evelyn Casandra Ellis is currently represented by Royalle Modelling and she has been modelling for 3 years now. She enjoys every shoot equally so it’s hard for her to pick just 1 modelling job that really stands out for her. However, she loves animals so it would have to be when there was a snake on set for a QP magazine shoot. She also feels that the animal that describes her best would have to be a Honey Badger because it’s such a cute, sweet, innocent-looking animal but in reality an actual badass. Small but strong!

20. Eva J.M. Smith

Eva J.M. Smith is a Scottish model who has recently moved back to Scotland from studying and working in New York City and London. She’s an actor/singer/dancer and model and she’s hoping to break into the UK modelling, TV, and film scene very soon. She’s also trained as a gymnast and cheerleader growing up so she considers herself pretty sporty and outgoing. She loves the outdoors and experiencing new things in life.

19. Isabella Rose Valentini

Isabella Rose Valentini has been modelling for around 4 years now for Royalle Modelling and her number one modelling job would have to be when she travelled to Shanghai for the International Beauty Expo. She also feels that the animal that describes her best is a dog because she’s loyal, playful, bubbly, and she gets easily excited over small things – she’s also known for taking good naps.

18. Amie Akers

Amie Akers hails from the East Coast of Australia. She has spent a lot of time in rural areas and she began weightlifting 2 years ago. After shredding 18 kilos, she has dreamt to compete in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, in the bikini division. Modelling is something she has recently taken up, she enjoys the whole composition behind the shoot, from start to finish. When she was younger she always wanted to be a model but she never had the confidence to actually try, it’s something she regrets and she wishes she never held back. She also wants to inspire other women to be free and confident, in their voice and their bodies.

17. Lili Ford

Lili Ford is an 18-year-old model who lives South of Sydney. She has been modeling for about a year now and she absolutely loves it. Over this time she has worked with multiple brands and photographers, however, her goal is to model overseas. She’s currently in her first year of university studying Bachelor of Social Science and she hopes to one day work in a field helping children. She has always been passionate about helping people, and although she’s not completely sure what she wants to do yet – she knows that she wants to help and care for others.

16. Vlada Didenko

Vlada Didenko has been a professional model since she was 16 years old, she has been modeling for over 12 years already around the world. She’s currently with Royalle Modelling. She started her career in China and became a successful model over there for 10 years. Some of her top modelling jobs that got world recognition were the Timberland campaign and Blunt Umbrellas TVC campaign as well as various projects for several other high-profile Chinese brands that wouldn’t be famous over here in Australia.


15. Shannon Victoria Ellis

Shannon Victoria Ellis is a 23-year-old model who’s kind, caring, and mature. She has a passion for fitness and fashion. She recently started doing work on TV and Film, and she’s extremely excited to see what the future holds. She has always been driven and ambitious from a young age with a business mindset. She became self-employed in January and she told herself that 2020 will be her year, her best. Despite the pandemic, she is still remaining hopeful that everything will turn out fine.

14. Anna Gorbunova

Anna Gorbunova currently models for Royalle Modelling and she started her modelling career in Russia almost 10 years ago. She can definitely think of a few projects she would consider memorable, one of them was her campaign shoot for Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour. She believes a wolf perfectly describes her personality because it’s highly determined to pursue its goals, always protects its loved ones, and also takes care of its family, however, – it gets violent if attacked. The wolf is a fair predator and like the wolf, she’s always passionate about her family and friends and maintains lifelong bonds.

13. Gael Nicole Cameron

Gael Nicole Cameron currently models for Royalle Modelling and she has been modelling more seriously for just over 2 years. During this time she’s had the pleasure of working with so many amazing brands. However, the biggest international brand she has worked with would still probably be Panasonic. She would be best described as a wolf. Often misunderstood as she can seem very confident and guarded at first glance. However, once you get to know her you’ll find that she’s actually quite friendly, sociable, and really protective of anyone that shows her love and kindness.


12. Hanli Hoefer

Hanli Hoefer started her career in modeling working part-time for small business owners and blog shops. Eventually, she reached out to her mother agency Avenue Management as she believed that she could model full time and she wanted to learn more about the fashion industry. After 2 years of successfully modeling fulltime, she auditioned for MTV Asia, she won the part as a presenter, and the rest you can say is history.

11. Valeria Sizova

Valeria Sizova’s appeal is definitely in her stunning features and smoking hot body. She’s a model, dancer and a choreographer who’s based in Sydney, Australia and in fact, she recently opened her own dance and entertainment company called ICrave Dance & Entertainment. She has placed in a number of high profile modeling competitions such as Miss Supercars, Maxim’s Swimwear Model of the Year competition or the World Miss All Nations and is currently the reigning Miss Russia Australia and Miss NSW Face of Origin.


10. Vindy Krejčí

Vindy Krejčí initially never had any plans of becoming a model, but when opportunity knocked on her door – she decided to take a chance, and now she couldn’t be happier with her decision. Vindy is a half Vietnamese and half Czech model who’s currently based in the Czech Republic. She was fifteen when she appeared in her first fashion show and she loved the experience so much that she went on to appear in more fashion shows. Besides modeling, Vindy has also done quite well in the pageant world, she won the title Miss Karkulka Mácha in 2015, she placed 3rd runner up in Miss Caddy 2014 pageant and she also placed top 10 in the national beauty pageant, Miss Czech Republic.


9. Melanie Zehner

Before Melanie Zehner got into modeling and graced catalogs and the cover of a magazine, she was a girl living in a small town in Austria. Melanie was in a shopping center when a chance encounter led to her big break. She was onlya1o when a shopping center’s marketing coordinator spotted her. She was approached and asked if she wanted to be the face of a new magazine. She eventually got the gig, and this encounter piqued her interest in modeling. From there, she went on to become a professional model, and she has even done modeling internationally.

8. Sheridan Mortlock

Sheridan Mortlock is the reigning Miss Earth Air Australia 2020. She joined Miss Earth Australia because she loves the message and awareness it is spreading. She’s a big supporter of the slowing of fast fashion and she believes that buying second-hand clothes, or even hiring clothing, is the best way forward. She also loves languages, in fact, she’s currently learning French and Japanese.

7. Roxette Arisa

Beauty and fashion expert, wildly successful Japanese American YouTube / Social Media guru Roxette Arisa is making a name for herself in the skincare, beauty, and fashion space with over 75 MILLION views and 1.2 MILLION subs on YouTube alone. Whether she is giving tips on how to perfect your makeup for mask-wearing, providing how-to-tips for taking that lust-worthy passport photo, comparing designer and drugstore brands with a split face tutorial, or giving how-to-style basics by using clothes you already have in your closet, Arisa is a quickly rising star who is highly respected for her expertise in the beauty and fashion world. Arisa has quickly become a favorite for beauty and fashion brands alike, and has become a beauty ambassador to Smashbox, e.l.f., partnered with brands like Revolve, Olay, Murad, NARS, Maybelline, MAC, Instagram, Clarisonic, Neutrogena, Kate Somerville, CeraVe, IPSY, L’Oreal, Lorac and created her own collections for Milani and SIGMA to name a few.

6. Liudmyla Tkachenko

Liudmyla Tkachenko is a stunning Ukrainian model who is currently based in Los Angeles. She grew up in a picturesque town stretching in the western region of Ukraine. Liudmyla’s first taste of the modeling industry came in the form of a modeling contract that was offered to her to work somewhere in China. Since working as a full-time model in China, She has appeared in several high-profile commercials and magazines in Asia. Liudmyla worked as a full-time model for a few years in Asia mainly around Hong Kong, China, and Thailand before deciding to move to the United States to further pursue her modeling career.  Since working as a model in New York, she has appeared several times in New York Fashion Week. She has walked for high-profile designers such as Dan Liu, Terraza, and Oxford Fashion, among others, and she has also done photoshoots for high-profile fashion magazines such as the L’Officiel magazine, Marie Claire, MD Trends magazine, Imaginary magazine, and Marjen magazine. Furthermore, she was involved in several catalog shoots as well as a number of exciting projects. Her photos from the New York Fashion Week shows have even been featured in Vogue, Elle, as well as Harper’s Bazaar.

After modeling for two years in New York, Liudmyla decided to try her luck at acting by moving to Los Angeles. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has appeared in a Nike commercial, as well as a few alcohol commercials, and she also scored a role in an upcoming film called “The Nowhere Inn.” The movie is set to premiere at the Sundance film festival 2020. Currently, Liudmyla is studying at an acting school called Beverly Hills Playhouse hoping that this can be her ticket to more projects in Hollywood.

5. Stephanie Hunt

Being a model can be difficult, often requiring people to make tough sacrifices. However, it can also prove to be a highly rewarding experience. For Stephanie Hunt, modeling has allowed her to travel around the world, get involved with high profile names such as Guess, Revlon, designer Melba Aros, Lady Jayne, Toscow Jewelery, celebrity hairstylist, David Babaii and magazines such as Camilla, RUSSH, Cosmopolitan, and FTV as well as meet a lot of interesting new people.

4. Natalija Ugrina

Natalija Ugrina is a beautiful actress and fashion model who is currently based in Los Angeles, California. She was originally born in Croatia and was raised by her mother, Ketrin Buljević, who’s a writer and a poet. She kickstarted her modeling career at the age of 16 by joining Elite Model Management which enabled her to work with various fashion designers and appear in notable publications such as Vogue Italia, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar as well as grace high-profile fashion shows from all over the world. Eventually, she decided to shift gears and pursue a career in acting. She moved to Los Angeles to study acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute which led to numerous acting gigs. Some of her film credit includes the College Ball movie, Fight of Fury, and A Life Well Lived. She has also appeared in music videos such as 5 Seconds of Summer’s “She Looks So Perfect” which garnered over 300 million views as well as Action Bronson’s music video for “Baby Blue” featuring Chance the Rapper. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she constantly works tirelessly to build her career.

3. Paris Raine

Paris is a confident, committed individual with a go-getter attitude. Her work ethic is second to none and is known for going above and beyond in everything she does. She has a burning desire to have a career in the Modelling, Film, and Television industry. She is dedicated with a willingness to learn and grow.

Paris enjoys public speaking and is passionate about assisting in the conscious shift around the world, ultimately uplifting all those whom her presence reaches, leaving them with the impression of increase. She is dedicated to learning about human potential, how the mind works, and endeavours to inspire and teach others how they too can be a deliberate creator of their life. Paris is also obsessed with all things fashion and intends to learn more about sustainability in the Fashion Industry and ultimately promote this to the world. She loves being involved in creative projects and campaigns and is so excited about all the opportunities life has to offer.

2. Marona Tanner

It was her family’s move to Australia that kickstarted Marona Tanner’s successful modeling career. Her stunning beauty, a result of her Egyptian heritage, drew the admiration of anyone she came across with and for good reason. Besides being a fulltime model and a high-profile Instagram star with nearly half a million followers, Marona also possesses an acting degree, she’s a sculptor and animator, as well as an accomplished belly dancer – so it’s safe to say that Marona is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.


1. Beth Walkemeyer

Beth Walkemeyer is 26 years old and she has been a full-time freelance model and traveler for the past two years. She’s passionate about the ocean, conscious living, and forever striving to be someone that can make a positive difference in the world no matter how big or small. She’s also very passionate about supporting organisations that rescue kids from trafficking. Her love for the ocean, surfing, and daily adventures is what got her into swimwear modeling and now she’s spreading her wings and making her way into the fashion and commercial world. She loves food so you can always find her close by to an acai bowl, a good coffee, ramen, or french fries.

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