Male Actor of the Month for September 2013!

Alex Forras’ earliest memory of performing comes from starring in his primary school’s rendition of the Disney classic Peter Pan. The StarCentral Magazine Male Actor of the Month for September says it’s a vague memory but one that opened up his world to acting.

“That’s where the passion started.”

Alex 1

At 23-years-old, based between Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Alex says one of his most challenging, yet rewarding roles so far has been playing Michael Cox in the short film Black and White Lines.

“The ability to entertain an audience and have a connection with your character and the story is one of the most satisfying feelings for me as an actor.”

In terms of following his dream, Alex is fortunate for the support he receives from his family and tries to watch as many films as he can, fuelling his inspiration.

“I’m a big film buff, so every year there’s always a handful of great films that inspire me to keep performing.”

When looking into the future Alex prefers to take it one step at a time.

“I think every actor has big dreams and goals for their future but I don’t like to look too far ahead and just keep focus on what I’m doing right now.”

Alex 2

Hoping to soon do a comedy feature film, Alex is currently working on a new project in collaboration with Darren Downs, who also created Black and White Lines. Alex says the project is a Hitchcock style thriller called Cry of the Raven.

“We’re looking to gather funds for the film and hopefully start shooting later this year.”

As well as acting, Alex also sings and has a handful of other skills up his sleeve. Competing in natural bodybuilding, Alex has previously won the Junior Mr. Brisbane title and placed 4th in the Asia Pacific titles. And to top it off, has been practicing Goju Kai Karate for the past five years.

Alex hopes he will have the opportunity to  travel through his acting career and reminisces one family ski trip to Chamonix, France.

“Travel is the spice of life… With a backdrop like Mt Blanc, it’s a sight everyone should witness.”

Alex 3

Two things you might not know about Alex…

1. The five things you can’t live without?

Air, water, food, shelter, and yum cha!

2. Complete this sentence: ‘I’m a sucker for………….”   And tell us why.

Scotch, one of the best Christmases I had was with an old bottle of scotch –so smooth down the hatch into my belly– and good company on a Melbourne beach.

Image by Darren Downs and Josh Mitchell Frey

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