Actor of the Month for August 2014!

Surreal is the word that describes how StarCentral Magazine Actor of the Month for August 2014, David Beamish was discovered. He had been actively pursuing an acting career for five months when a great friend of his that he met working on a micro-budget feature film, suggested that they go to the Sunshine Coast (in Queensland, Australia) and audition for parts in an independent horror film. The film was called Charlie’s Farm. David was sporting a “flanno, beard and guitar” and opened with a 1.5 minute monologue from Almost Famous.

The next thing he knew, writer/director Chris Sun is calling that night, offering him a key role in Charlie’s Farm. He would be acting alongside Tara Reid, Nathan Jones, Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley – and it was after Chris pretended that he missed passing the audition! The actor’s life sits well with David. He loves how every day is different and draws on different parts of the brain and body to make a performance. He says how you sometimes have the freedom to put as much of yourself and/or someone else into a character as you can. Also, he thinks the musician in him enjoys the feeling of walking onto a stage – it is a bit of a rush.


For a lot of actors, the wait for the next bigger film role or that first consistent role on a TV series entails taking on a myriad of jobs to make ends meet to fund their acting aspirations. David lives a double life, working full-time as an architectural graduate for a big company during the week, and working as an actor/musician nights and weekends. He also takes on freelance jobs when he gets the opportunity. Time management is a difficult skill to be mastered and he mastered it early.

He has fond memories of staying in rural accommodations with the wonderful crew and Aussie cast for Charlie’s Farm during its filming. It was the most fun he has had in his short acting career, with some of the coolest people anyone would hope to meet. They would all hang out together in downtimes and his guitar playing was “a bit of a hit”.


He has met some brilliant, genuine people working and networking in the Queensland film industry, and hopes they know how highly he thinks of them. He admires the wonderful American talents for Charlie’s Farm. He’s met the gigantic and very sweet Nathan Jones, and recently, fantastic Queensland actor John Batchelor. Chris Sun also stands out in the list of people David admires. Chris was fun to work with, a friend, a hilarious speaker, and is going global fast. Also, Lozza and Debbie, the two main investors behind Charlie’s Farm were wonderfully interesting, humble people, and he is blown away by the incredibly positive impact they are making on the indigenous Australian community. However, the most remarkable person he’s met was the film’s stunt coordinator/actor Rick McCallum. He told the most amazing stories with great punchlines.

In both music and acting, David has learned that if you prepare hard enough and know your stuff, it will take care of itself on the day. As with every job, he has realized how enjoying the company of people you work with makes it much easier to get through the tough days. His family and friends help keep him grounded. David has a large one and they are all Tasmanians or New Zealanders. He has recently signed with Belton Management in seeking out future roles both in Australia/New Zealand and international venues. This July, he starts his foundation year with Craig McMahon’s Film & Television Studio International in Brisbane. In September, he will also be shooting his next independent feature film on the Gold Coast, a comedy titled Cursed by Britt Solca. Meantime, Charlie’s Farm premieres this September in Australia and internationally, with a worldwide DVD release.

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1. Last good movie he’s seen?  Bonfire of the Vanities and its 5-minute opening shot. Amazing!

2. What do you consider beautiful and why?  Conversation with genuine people, and acoustic music with good lyrics.

3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? Release an acoustic album.

4. Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear, I’d…” Swim to Fiji or Hawaii

5. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? I am ginger (red-haired) and proud of it. No one noticed until I grew a beard, but hey, it helps me stand out in acting. Being different is a great thing!


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