Actress of the Month for July 2013!

Acting has long been a conduit, a medium to be able to get a message or an idea across to a wide and diverse group of people.  This aspect of acting is perfect for Foster Buckman, StarCentral Magazine’s Actress of the Month for July 2013.  “…my passion in life is to help people, change the lives of others and I believe through acting I can help somehow!”


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Being a performer has also given Foster the opportunity to step outside her comfort zone.  “…I enjoy the thrill of stepping outside myself and becoming a new character, I feel free and alive! To experience new things and go through the emotions and I can do things that I wouldn’t actually do in my life which I find exciting…”  Things like playing a zombie (“…which was completely fun! With awesome makeup! A lot of blood and gore that’s for sure…) and “…a crazy hyped-up girl from a ghetto town!”


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With numerous roles in feature films, short films, web series’, even in the Australian TV series, ‘Secrets and Lies’, Foster finds the people that she meets is the most enjoyable facet of her career, “…overall the most memorable, that can’t be erased, would be all the friendships I have made, met so many amazing people who are my close friends, I appreciate this industry and the positive people in it…”

When one gets further acquainted with this talented young lady, any notion of labeling her as just another ‘starlet wannabe’ is definitively dismissed. At just 19 years old, Foster already has her own business “…where I get to help people with their health, finances, personal development, areas in people lives they would like to work on!” Name one young Hollywood starlet who can boast of that achievement!


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But it will always be acting that stirs the ambition of this Brisbane-based, Filipino/Spanish/Australian entertainer.  Skilled at the flute and a quick study at any other musical instrument, Foster (with the full support of her family, especially her mum – “…she has even slept in her car at night waiting for me to finish on set or night classes!”) plans to grab every opportunity she can to further her acting career.  She also dreams of traveling (“…the world is way too big to just stay in one place for the rest of your life…”) and creating a documentary of “…my encounters, the people I meet, the amazing scenery and all the journeys I take…”

Her talent, combined with her drive and compassion, is surely the right mix for A-list success!

Foster Buckman Headshott

Photo by: KK Images


1.      Favourite place in the world and why?

My favourite place in the world would be the Philippines where my family is, but I love living in Australia because I have the opportunity to follow my dreams and goals.

2.      The 5 things you can’t live without?

My phone, My iPad, health, personal development, happiness

3.      What film have you seen more than any other?

Wow I have no idea because I like many films!! I like thrillers, romantic comedies and war movies. They’re my favourites.

4.      3 most important characteristic in a person

Positivity, ambitious, attitude of gratitude, humble, open minded.. (couldn’t decide)

5.      Your best guilty pleasure…

I love sleeping and chocolate…but together is not so good!


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