Most Promising Actress Of The Month: Tanika Douglas

Tanika Douglas

Tanika is a positive Polly. While she recognises that things are not always perfect, she counteracts the negativity with the right perspective. ‘If there was never any adversity along the way then I wouldn’t be so appreciative of the times when I do get the opportunity to work or even to audition. At the end of the day, acting is the choice I made. I love it and I wouldn’t change a thing’, shares Tanika.

She adores the fact that through her career, she can help tell stories. In every role she portrays, it brings a guaranteed promise to open her audiences’ eyes to different perspectives and opinions other than their own. Her quality of work is sealed with her own set of standards. ‘I like to be challenged when watching a brilliant film, therefore, I always try to achieve this with my work for the audience’, she stresses.

Tanika Douglas2

Tanika considers working with old actors as a brilliant experience. She told us that these old actors have given her random, little nuggets of wisdom that have helped her in many ways and have guided her from the beginning of her career like a true, amazing role model. However, this does not mean that she only works with seasoned actors. In fact, she also loves working with child actors as they make everything simplified, relaxed, and instinctual. It totally inspires her.

With an extremely supportive family who keeps her grounded and always backs her up in everything that will make her happy, Tanika has done a lot of fantastic roles already. One of her favourite experiences was definitely playing Courtney in Foxtel’s Facing Evil: The Courtney Schulhoff Story. While every project is a new experience, she delightfully tells that playing Courtney, the character, the set, and the blood everywhere was completely different to anything she had ever done.

Tanika Douglas3

Tanika is set to fly to Los Angeles at the end of the year to complete an acting course. After which, she will keep on auditioning, working, and training to always keep herself motivated. When not in the roll for new roles, she keeps herself busy through her current food blog and in fact, she has a really impressive talent in cooking.


Amidst all the attention that she’s currently getting, Tanika shares a valuable lesson she learned from Jackie Weaver. ‘In order to be a great actor, you must always do three things: Be on time, know your lines, and hit your marks. They are absolutely essential. Thank You Jackie!.’


  1. Last good movie I’ve seen. Brokeback Mountain – Incredible (Yes I know I’m a couple of years late!).
  2. What do you consider beautiful and why? I like to think everything has a little beauty in it. Art, people, language, food, nature, and I do love a good sunset – cliché, I know!
  3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? Volunteer in an orphanage.
  4. Complete this sentence: ‘If I had no fear, I’d…’ go skydiving. It scares the living day lights out of me!
  5. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? I am rather stubborn and very strong willed most of the time. It can certainly be a somewhat negative trait at times but I also think I wouldn’t be where I am without it.

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